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News guides 29 May 2023, 16:50

author: Damian Gacek

V Rising - How to Build 6 Floors in a Castle; Multiple Floors on Private Servers Explained [Update]

In the V Rising you may now build multiple floors castles. We will tell you how to construct 6 levels on private servers.

V Rising is a highly acclaimed game centered around constructing your own vampire sanctuary. It continues to captivate players during its ongoing development. As expected, the title receives periodic updates to enhance the experience. For example, recently Secrets of Gloomrot was released, the first major content pack, offering players exciting new additions. Among them are multiple floors in your bases. Now your castle can have up to 6 levels. In this guide we will tell you how to enable them on private servers.


Developers addressed the problem directly, as we can read in the description of the last hotfix: “Castle Height Limit added as a setting in server host settings in the client”.

Multiple floors in V Rising

The recent update (Secrets of Gloomrot) allows players to build multilevel castles. Remember that to use this feature your game has to be updated. The default number of floors is set on 3 or 4 (depends on the terrain heigh differences). However, players may increase it up to 6 on private servers.

How to increase number of floors to 6

We recommend making a copy of the file before you change anything, in the case something goes wrong. Remember that solutions presented below may not help you. You use them on your own risk.

Some settings may require starting a new server to start working.

  1. Press Windows/Start + R buttons on your keyboard.
  2. In the window write: %appdata%.
  3. It should open the Roaming folder; it is not the one you are looking for though.
  4. Go back to AppData. You can do it easily by clicking in the directory line at the top of the window.
  5. Now enter LocalLow.
  6. Pick Stunlock Studios.
  7. Select the VRising folder.
  8. Enter Saves file.
  9. Pick V1.
  10. Open ServerGameSettings thanks to a text editor like Notepad.
  11. Search for section with CastleStatModifiers in it.
  12. Look for “HeightLimit” and change this variable, for example: "HeightLimit": 6.
  13. Remember to name the file ServerGameSettings.json and save it as All Files file type.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have written a guide that covers the important mechanics of the recent update. You can find detailed information in the V Rising Gloomrot Guide, where you will discover insights into numerous new resources, bosses, and more.

Damian Gacek

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