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News video games 29 September 2023, 14:53

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Last Year's Steam Hit Close to Version 1.0; V Rising Expects Tons of New Features

V Rising has already conquered Steam in early access, and the release of version 1.0 will greatly enhance this indie hit by Stunlock Studios.

Source: Stunlock Studios.

One of the little hits of 2022 received an approximate release date foe version 1.0. V-Rising will leave Early Access in the second quarter of 2024, perhaps just in time for the anniversary of the title's debut in Steam Early Access (although the developers did not give an exact date).

As of June, fans were unlikely to be see many details, with the last major update was released this May. This is because devs at Stunlock were busy fine-tuning the game's "experimental" engine to improve optimization and stability, enabling the players' computers to get more frames of animation per second. By the way, developer tools were also refined, which will make it easier for the developers to create new content.

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Last Years Steam Hit Close to Version 1.0; V Rising Expects Tons of New Features - picture #1
This is how the frozen land that the world of Vardoran will be enriched with will look like. Source: Stunlock Studios.

Speaking of which, V Rising will receive a new ice area for release, and with it additional enemies and bosses to defeat. The developers are also preparing more weapons and changes to the gameplay balance. It's mainly about increasing the availability of spells, which is intended to give players many more options at each stage of the game.

In addition, there was mention of expanding the vampire customization options, in-game events and... sitting on chairs. The developer also assured that the debut of patch 1.0 will not be the end of development of V Rising. More details can be found in the announcement published by the developers on Steam.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

Graduated with a master's degree in Polish Studies from the University of Warsaw with a thesis dedicated to this very subject. Started his adventure with in 2015, writing in the Newsroom and later also in the film and technology sections (also contributed to the Encyclopedia). Interested in video games (and not only video games) for years. He began with platform games and, to this day, remains a big fan of them (including Metroidvania). Also shows interest in card games (including paper), fighting games, soulslikes, and basically everything about games as such. Marvels at pixelated characters from games dating back to the time of the Game Boy (if not older).


V Rising

V Rising

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