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News guides 29 May 2023, 13:55

author: Adam Adamczyk

V Rising - How to Get Charged Battery and Depleted Battery

In this guide you will learn how to find Depleted Battery in V Rising. We also described how to charge this item.

V Rising is an early access game available on Steam, in which as a vampire you fight enemies, level up your character and, of course, collect valuable items. The recent Secrets of Gloomrot update introduced quite a few new features. In this guide, you will learn how to find depleted batteries in V Rising and how to recharge them.

Depleted Battery in V Rising

The depleted battery is an item that can be obtained by searching Tech Piles. Quite a few such places are located in the Gloomrot region. An alternative way is to defeat machines. This resource in itself is not valuable, but it can be charged. By doing so, you will obtain Charged Battery, which is worth owning. Once you have obtained Depleted Batteries, you can go with them to Thunderstrike Peak in Gloomrot North in order to recharge them. It should be noted, however, that it is better to have a minimum level of 70 at this location, as many challenging enemies roam the area.

V Rising -  How to Get Charged Battery and Depleted Battery - picture #1
Lightning Harvester in V Rising

Charged Battery in V Rising

When you reach Thunderstrike Peak, you need to approach the large structures named Lightning Harvester and interact with them, inserting Depleted Battery into the charge to get a Charged Battery. Then it is better to be on guard, because the more often you charge a Depleted Battery, the more electrical discharges will appear in the area, which inflict high damage.

Charged Battery is one of the items required to craft a variety of items. An example is Power Core, with which you can craft Onyx Tears.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have prepared a detailed guide that explores the important mechanics introduced in the latest update. To gain a deeper understanding, we encourage you to read the V Rising Gloomrot Guide. This comprehensive resource offers valuable information about various new materials, challenging bosses, and other exciting elements that have been added to the game.

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