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News guides 29 May 2023, 15:10

author: Adam Adamczyk

V Rising - Meet Maja the Dark Savant and Unlock Study

In this guide you will learn who Maja the Dark Savant is. We described how to fight her and what you can unlock after defeating her.

V Rising is a popular game in which we play the role of a vampire, fight enemies, level up our character and defeat challenging bosses. The Secrets of Gloomrot update added, among other things, a new enemy. In this guide you will learn, who Maja the Dark Savant is and how to fight her.

Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising

V Rising - Meet Maja the Dark Savant and Unlock Study - picture #1
The location of Maja the Dark Savant.

Maja the Dark Savant is one of the bosses. She is located in The Forbidden Tower in Dunley Farmlands and is level 47. Fighting her is not particularly difficult if you have a levelled up character, but some of her attacks are dangerous.

Particularly watch out for a strike in which the opponent momentarily creates a force field and knocks back your character. It inflicts a lot of damage, therefore it is better to heal yourself immediately after it.

Maja the Dark Savant summons helpers during the fight. It is best to defeat them at once, because their greater number can prove very dangerous.

When fighting summoned creatures Maja likes to stay at a distance and use area attacks, so pay attention to this and avoid them when possible.

Study in V Rising

If you want to unlock Study in V Rising, you need to defeat the aforementioned boss. Then we will also gain the Veil of Illusion skill and the Scroll Recipe skill.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have prepared a comprehensive guide that delves into the important mechanics introduced in the latest update. If you want to understand them all, we invite you to read the V Rising Gloomrot Guide. Inside, you will find detailed information about a wide range of new resources, challenging bosses, and other exciting elements that have been added to enrich your gameplay experience.

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V Rising

V Rising

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