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News video games 14 February 2021, 16:22

author: Paul Musiolik

Valheim Plagued by World-destroying Bug; Devs Seek Solution

The extremely popular Valheim is struggling with a serious bug that removes player worlds. The studio responsible for the game knows about the issue, but is unable to reproduce it and thus fix it quickly.

  1. Valheim players are complaining about a serious bug that delates their saved worlds;
  2. The developers know about the problem, but have no idea how to reproduce it and fix it quickly.

Valheim is struggling with a very serious bug that the devs are unable to fix at this point because they were unable to reproduce it. If we run into it, our entire world will be deleted and we will have to start the game from the beginning.

The first reports of issues with saved world started appearing on Reddit. Users reported that after starting the game they were greeted with a message about a corrupted save, which resulted in the deletion of the entire world in Valheim.

Iron Gate's head, Richard Svensson, released a tweet in which he reports that the studio is aware of this critival bug, but they have yet to find the cause. All that has been established is that a higher chance of it occurring is when we close the game with the ALT+F4 combination, so exiting the title via the menu is recommended.

Valheim became a hit out of nowhere. The title launched in early access on Steam in early February and attracted over a million players within a week. It's garnering praise for its eye-pleasing visuals, small storage requirements, and addictive, survival gameplay. Given the fact that up to 10 people can play in the game at the same time, no one should be surprised that thanks to co-op the title gained great popularity on PC so quickly.

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