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News video games 10 February 2021, 20:32

author: Michael Kulakowski

A Million Vikings Roam Valheim Week After Launch

The creators of Valheim, Steam's latest survival game hit, have reasons to be happy. Just a week after its debut, the game has already been purchased by over a million players. Currently, the title is available only in early access.

Valheim, available in early access since earlier this month, is officially the first surprise hit of the year, and there's no doubt that it will continue to be famous in the coming months. The creators of the title from the Swedish team at Iron Gate Studio proudly announced that their work has been bought by over a million people.

The developers thank the fans for their support and express their surprise at how much interest Valheim enjoys. Swedes also provided stats that better reflect the scale. According to Steam data, at one point the game was played by over 160,000 players at the same time, with up to 127,000 viewers watching streams on Twitch last week.

The devs emphasize that their mailboxes are filled to the brim with suggestions and thanks. Fans praise many elements of the title, including its small storage requirements and visuals. The developers ensure that they will do everything not to disappoint the hopes placed in them. At the moment they are working on eliminating the biggest bugs and other problems raised by the community, but at the same time they are planning the next big updates. It's clear, however, that Valheim will remain in Early Access for at least another year, or more.

Valheim is a sandbox survival game for one or up to ten players. Its action takes place on a procedurally generated map that depicts the titular land of Valheim, inspired by Nordic culture and mythology. Players collect various resources, create weapons and construct buildings and ships, and then battle terrifying beasts or other Vikings who want to win glory in battle.

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