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News video games 06 April 2021, 18:25

Fly Like a Bird With Valheim Mod

The Valheim community continues to prove its creativity. With the Odinflight modification, players will be able to don special wings that enable them to fly.

  • The Odinflight mod adds item that enables you to fly;
  • Odin's wings enable the players to fly, but learning how to soar through the skies will not be easy.

Despite being dethroned from the first place of Steam bestsellers by Outriders, Valheim, the Viking survival game can not complain about lack of popularity. The web is full of examples of the creativity of the players busy battling Odin's enemies, who, like in Minecraft, create more and more imaginative structures.

Also modders can also boast of their creative output. In this case, we are talking about Odinflight mod, which enables you to create Odin's Wings, which will enable the person wearing them to soar through the air like a bird. The mod is the work of two Reddit users: Humidbean and Pfhoenix. A video showing the wings in action is available below:

Odin's wings can be equipped as an item worn on the shoulders. However, making and maintaining them is expensive. They require 100 feathers, 20 units of resin, 2 fox skins, and 20 threads of linen to be crafted. Wings alone won't make us an ace in the sky - just like every other element of the game will require us to learn the ropes by trial and error.

Mod's description directly warns:

"You will fall. You will slam into objects and fall to your death. You will lose lift trying to dodge in the air, and fall. You will hit the water and find yourself unable to fly out of it. You will try to air brake and fall short, or even propel yourself backward. You will flap to gain altitude and speed, hoping the extra weight in your inventory doesn't cause you to not gain enough speed to fly. You will break your wings from impacting too many things, suddenly stranded a long way from home. You will make an awkward landing among enemies and not be able to fight back with anything but your fists because of the wings you wear.

But once you master physics, you will soar.

The wings in ODINFLIGHT are meant to be balanced towards end-game play. They are costly to build and upgrade, are not conducive to flying with full inventories, prevent equipping items in your hands while equipped, and take over the player's jumping controls."

The mod seems to be worth attention, both for aesthetic reasons (views from the sky can be really nice) and practical (flying, in a fast way we discover unknown parts of the map). If you want to play the mythological Icarus with Odin's Wings, follow this link.

  1. Valheim - official website
  2. Odinflight mod on Nexus Mods

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