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News video games 18 August 2023, 15:27

author: Jan Kopacz

Vampire Survivors Now With Co-op and Switch Version

Vampire Survivors has finally received a local co-op mode. The game also came to Nintendo Switch, and the PC release was ported to a new engine.

Source: poncle

Studio poncle has released a new update to Vampire Survivors. The patch is marked 1.6 and it brings many new features.

  1. The game received a local co-op mode for four players.
  2. PC release of Vampire Survivors has finally been ported to a new engine. Although the differences between the old and new technology are subtle at first glance, the change will enable the developers to introduce many new features and improvements in the future, as well as speed up work on updates.
  3. It is worth adding that Vampire Survivors has finally received a Nintendo Switch version. This release offers all previous updates, including 1.6.

Currently, the developers are working on, among other things, the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC as well as many new features that will make the gameplay more enjoyable. The devs also referred to the director's cut edition of the game, which was shown at several events. They promised that the new content shown in this release will be introduced to the game through free updates.

These are not the only new attractions for fans of the game. In conjunction with the Noclip channel, a 30-minute video has been prepared about Vampire Survivors, showing behind-the-scenes footage and featuring interviews with its creators.

Vampire Survivors in addition to PC and Switch, is also available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

  1. Vampire Survivors - official website
Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors