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News video games 05 August 2022, 15:14

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Vampire Survivors With New Characters; Patch Encouraged Players to Return

Vampire Survivors received another update that added, among other things, two new characters to the game. The release of the patch immediately attracted a large number of players.

  • Vampire Survivors has received a new update.
  • Among other things, it introduces two new characters to the game.
  • The release of the patch attracted many players to the game.

The brief era of Vampire Survivors' greatest popularity has passed, but that doesn't mean the developer won't continue supporting the game. The title has just received another update, and the new content has apparently encouraged many players to return.

Vampire Survivors - what's in the new update?

The update numbered 0.10.0 is not a big one, but it contains several new features that are definitely worth testing. You can find their list below.

  1. 2 new characters.
  2. A new relic.
  3. A new Arcana card.
  4. 2 new achievements.
  5. Secret content has been added to the game.
  6. In addition, the update introduces some balance changes.

In addition, the developer of Vampire Survivors revealed that he is currently working on introducing new spells to the game and offering support for touch screens.

Players return to Vampire Suvivors

The release of the new patch has evidently encouraged many players to return to the game. This can be clearly seen in the charts published by SteamDB.

In recent days, the number of concurrent players most often peaked around 12,000. On the day the update was published, however, it rose to more than 18 thousand.

Nevertheless, this result is far from the record from six months ago. Then the game was launched simultaneously by as many as 77 thousand people. This was the period of the greatest popularity of Vampire Survivors, when the game became a viral hit.

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