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News video games 15 April 2024, 03:41

author: Jacob Blazewicz

'We've Fallen Short of Player Expectations.' Broken Roads Devs Apologize and Prepare Major Changes

Broken Roads is about to get some big changes. The game will soon receive two updates, which are expected to make the first improvements dictated by player comments.

Source: Drop Bear Bytes.

The Australian "Fallout" release turned out to be less successful than expected. The devs of Broken Roads are aware of the problems and have announced significant fixes.

In a post on Steam, the Drop Bear Bytes team acknowledged (via X) that after interacting with players, streamers, etc., they are aware of the criticism of their debut title. Therefore, a game development plan for the upcoming month has been released. On April 19, an update will be released on PC, which will introduce the first changes dictated by fans' comments.

The fixes will involve adding "a greater number of battles" at the start of the game and a mechanic that will determine the possibility of escaping during a random enemy encounter on the world map based on the combined dexterity of the characters and enemies. If the attempt fails, we will start the clash with an initiative reduced by half. Furthermore, players will finally get the option to independently develop all or selected companions to higher levels of experience.

Weve Fallen Short of Player Expectations. Broken Roads Devs Apologize and Prepare Major Changes - picture #1

Broken Roads roadmap. Source: Drop Bear Bytes.

That's not the end of the story. The upcoming update is scheduled for mid-May and will enable the reassignment of keys to functions, expand the final chapter of the game, and introduce additional dialogue options, including recorded ones. And above all, it allows petting a larger number of animals.

These aren't the only improvements planned by the Australian developer. The team is also working on long-term improvements and hopes to eliminate the biggest issues of Broken Roads. The game certainly requires changes: the title has generated little interest on Steam, and the few game buyers are not at all pleased (only 43% of user reviews are positive).

It should be added that patches for consoles are also ready - the devs are just waiting for their acceptance by Microsoft and Sony.

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