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News video games 23 December 2022, 14:27

What is Fluid Ideology in RimWorld and How to Use It

In RimWorld, players can create their own ideologies through Fluid Ideology. In this guide we describe the most important information related to this mechanic.

RimWorld is a strategy game in which players are in charge of managing an extraterrestrial colony. An important aspect of the game are ideologies, which were added with the release of the Ideology DLC. One of them, for example, is Fluid Ideology. In this guide you will learn all the basic information about it.

What are ideologies used for in RimWorld?

By choosing a particular ideology, you make colonists start believing in it. Thanks to it you can introduce many new restrictions and unlock a lot of options that change the gameplay. Also available through this will be new interactions with other factions.

What is Fluid Ideology in RimWorld?

Fluid ideology enables you to freely change most aspects of ideology through reformation. However, limitations are imposed on memes - each time you can change only 1.

What is Fluid Ideology in RimWorld and How to Use It - picture #1

Fluid ideology is selectable at the very beginning of the game. It is worth mentioning that it can not be enabled on an already existing game save file. You will have to create a new colony and start from scratch. Players who opt for this ideology can choose only one meme, however, it is possible to adding more of them by carrying out reformation.


Reformation enables you to develop your ideology during gameplay through memes. This will make your colony more flexible. This will enable you to adapt to the different circumstances present in the game. To carry out a reformation players must earn development points.

Development points

Development points are earned by performing activities when developing your ideology. For example, these will be: conversion of a colonist, successful performance of a ritual etc. Usually players will receive 1-2 development points for completing a task. To carry out the first reformation it is enough to have 10 points. However, each subsequent reformation costs 2 development points more.

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