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News video games 20 June 2022, 14:02

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Wild Rift Does Things Better Than LoL. Again

Wild Rift has once again proven to be better than LoL in terms of features. Players envy the mobile MOBA's option to swap the order of character selection in the lounge.

Wild Rift and League of Legends are at first glance one and the same game. After all, both titles were created by Riot Games. The matter gets complicated when we delve into the details a bit, because the mobile variant seems to have more useful features.

Lobby order

Jungler picks last? Oh god... With this kind of rather unpleasant situation in mind, one of the players of the PC version suggested that the client should introduce the possibility to change the order of selection in the lobby.

Currently, in LoL it is only possible to swap champions - sometimes players choose each other's characters and then swap them.

After all, the key is to choose a strong jungler or ADC at the beginning. However, not all players have every character unlocked, which could lead to potential confusion.

The solution proposed by the player would use the same system as character swapping. Namely, sending a request and then accepting/rejecting it. Seems pretty ok, doesn't it? Riot thinks so too.

Wild Rift wins over League of Legends

This is not the first time Wild Rift is mentioned in the context of LoL. It was the same with Baron Nashor's mechanic, which fortunately also found its way to LoL in patch 12.10.

Wild Rift also enables players to swap the order of selection in the lobby. Together with thoughtful banning of other characters, the so-called "first pick" can decide how the composition of the entire team will look like. Thus, the option to some extent prevents blind choices.

What else does Wild Rift do better?

One of the players who decided to list the biggest differences between the two games, also mentioned a better ranking system, according to which we'd only need to win 4/5 games to advance, the ability to find a team to play with, or the Wild Pass, which works much better than passes or rewards from Amazon Prime.

On the plus side, there's also a mechanic for preventing lost games, which is based on how a player performs in a match. The more medals we get for damage dealt, totems placed, etc., the harder it is to lose. The rewards are also designed so that they cannot be abused.

The customer wouldn't stand for it

Many gamers are positive about such a solution, although it could mess things up a bit in LoL. It is mainly about the behavior of players for whom the last choice would be the most convenient. This spot is the easiest to counter your opponent.

"I mean this has been suggested for years, even before role select was an option for ranked. I think it's not implemented because Riot wants to keep the reasons for arguing in champ select to a minimum. Before role selection champion select was a clown fiesta, it used to also be MMR based so pick 1 would be the highest-ranked player and pick 5 the lowest. I can already see the 'jng trade with me I can't 2nd pick me, let me be 5th pick'...'no'...'fuck you then I troll'," wrote Iperovic.

Nonetheless, since the Baron was "fixed", perhaps the waiting room can be fixed as well. Though, as usual, the last word belongs to Riot Games.

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