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News video games 11 June 2021, 20:17

author: Christian Pieniazek

WitcherCon - CD Projekt RED and Netflix Announce a Joint Event

Later this summer, WitcherCon, a special event dedicated to The Witcher franchise, will take place, organized by CD Projekt RED and Netflix. New announcements and a number of other attractions await fans of the White Wolf.

  1. Netflix and CD Projekt RED have announced a joint event dedicated to The Witcher franchise - WitcherCon;
  2. The virtual event will take place on July 9 - 10, and you can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube;
  3. Organizers note that no new games will be announced at the event.

Today's Netflix Geeked Week show brought the announcement of WitcherCon, an event dedicated to The Witcher franchise, a virtual event organized jointly by Netflix and CD Projekt RED. It will last two days and will be streamed on both organizers' channels on YouTube and Twitch. The first transmission will take place on July 9 at 10:00 AM PT, the second - on July 10 at 6:00 PM PT.

  1. The Witcher - YouTube channel
  2. CD Projekt RED - Twitch channel
  3. Netflix - Youtube channel
  4. Netflix - Twitch channel

As we can read on the official website of WitcherCon, we shouldn't expect an announcement of a new video game set in the universe. However, the fans of the White Wolf's adventures should not complain about lack of attractions. We will be able to take a look behind the scenes of the development of the games, the TV show, and the animated film. What's more we will be able to participate in interactive panels with "people who breathed life into The Witcher". The latter are expected to bring new information about the Netflix series and fresh announcements about the franchise. Last on the list of attractions are expert commentaries on the universe and its history and legends, as well as the monsters inhabiting it.

WitcherCon - CD Projekt RED and Netflix Announce a Joint Event - picture #1

It's worth noting as a trivia, that the fact of the creators of both adaptations of The Witcher planning a joint venture could have been guessed five hours before the official announcement of WitcherCon, simply by reading the messages published on their Twitter profiles, in which The Witcher from CD Projekt RED invited Netflix's The Witcher for a meeting.

  1. WitcherCon - official homepage
  2. The Witcher on Netflix
  3. The Witcher - official website
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