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News video games 12 April 2022, 15:01

author: Miriam Moszczynska

WoW Unfriendly to Newcomers; Toxic Veterans Deter

WoW is a very old game at this point, making it hard for some veterans to step into the shoes of newcomers. Some of them express their dissatisfaction in a very unfriendly way, which definitely pushes newcomers away from Blizzard's MMORPG.

World of Warcraft is one of the oldest, constantly developed titles we can find among video games. This has both its pros and cons, although as is usually the case - the negative side of the community is more visible. The hermetic WoW community is hard on new players, who are not only lost, but also feel guilty for entering the game with insufficient knowledge.

We don't want you in the lineup

While WoW can be played solo, it becomes more valuable when explored in a group. Dungeons are an ideal opportunity for this, where cooperation between players is required in order to efficiently defeat opponents. However, it is not so easy for new players, who sometimes meet with a. very unpleasant reception.

I started this game last week and have just been questing. I entered the dungeon with Lord Stormsong (I don't remember the name of the place) and let everyone know I was new to the game. We got to this one part where I kept getting silenced and couldn't do anything. I was confused as hell, meanwhile my teammates were flaming the shit out of me, using terms and acronyms I didn't understand.," wrote one user

It is easy to guess that this is not a situation that occurs once a year. Among the comments under the confession of a novice player we can find many voices echoing him. The conclusion is obvious - experienced WoW players are pricks. But are they really?

Where are the newbies supposed to go?

This mature game has many fans who have spent a good few years in it, working on progressing their characters. The times of enjoying the game's elements related to the lore are behind them, and now all that matters is exp, defeating bosses and guilds.

For the reasons mentioned above, experienced players prefer to play with people of equal level of experience, so newcomers, who are just beginning their adventure, may have a hard time. You can hear about the feelings of an experienced player towards newcomers in the video below.

However, it should be remembered that not all elite players have universe-sized egos and are allergic to newcomers. Among veteran players, there are also those who try to make the game easier for newcomers and create a friendly atmosphere.

"Get used to it, that's how this community is. I try to be positive towards new players, but the hate they receive for basic things is overwhelming. I hope you can find a good guild to help you, it's the only way these days to get proper interaction in this game."

Does toxicity in WoW exceed the norm?

It's an incredibly difficult issue to work out, although thanks to people like Asmongold, casual gamers can understand a bit better what a stereotypical MMO community looks like. It's worth noting that no game is perfect, even more so when there are tens of thousands of people playing it.

Each of the currently popular MMORPGs has its pros and cons, as well as more and less friendly player base. If you'd like to get an overview of - let's call it - toxicity in this genre, then the following video might come in handy.

An interesting material on the toxicity of WoW players is a video in which Asmon refers to a material by another artist, who also used to play Blizzard's game. It contains words which bring a fresh perspective on the situation in the WoW community and battles in dungeons.

"[...] We have this standard, you don't reach it, so we'll take someone who reaches it, and that someone says: ok, fine. And that's the end of it. Do people take it personally? Yes, because their ego is attached to it."

It is important to separate the actual toxicity from imagined toxicity. While name-calling is simply a sign of a lack of culture when aimed at new players, who informed us at the beginning that they've only just started their adventure, when someone is intentionally hindering the gameplay of others, and is unwilling to adapt to the group, it's understandable that someone will let things slip from time to time.