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Gaming NewsNov 16, 2018 at 5:50a PSTby Aquma

Battlefield 5: new reviews

Battlefield V - the new FPS from EA DICE, debuting on November 20th - gets new reviews. Seems to be at least decent.

New Battlefield V reviews are in. - 2018-11-21
New Battlefield V reviews are in.

Last week, following the release of Battlefield V in Origin Access Premier, we got some initial reviews of the game. Now, these scores are joined by a bunch of new opinions. How do other experts rate the latest shooter from the award-winning studio? Generally, the impressions are good, although there are some reservations.

Even if some elements still need to be worked out, the multiplayer mode provides a huge dose of fun, and the graphics are simply delightful. Many reviewers consider this title to be one of the best in the series. Some ideas didn't quite appeal to some of them, however - one of such is putting more emphasis on sneaking. Battlefield is best when it's loud... so why does DICE want us to be so quiet?, asks Dan Stapleton from IGN.

Battlefield V new reviews

  1. Areajugones 9/10
  2. Press Start Australia 9/10
  3. AUS Gamers 9/10
  4. 9/10
  5. Gaming Trend 90/100
  6. Cheat Code Central 4.2/5
  7. Daily Mirror 4/5
  8. Hardcore Gamer 4/5
  9. Attack of the Fanboy 4/5
  10. The Games Machine 8.5/10
  11. 8.5/10
  12. Spazio Games 8.2/10
  13. Vandal 8.2/10
  14. COGconnected 80/100
  15. The Sixth Axis 8/10
  16. Trusted Reviews 8/10
  17. Tech Raptor 8/10
  18. 3djuegos 8/10
  19. PCGamer 79/100
  20. Gamersky 7.7/10
  21. GamesRadar+ 3.5/5
  22. IGN 7.3/10
  23. The Daily Dot 3/5
  24. Digital Trends 6/10
  25. USgamer review in progress
  26. God is a Geek review in progress
  27. VG247 review in progress
  28. RPS no score
  29. Polygon no score

We would like to remind you that Battlefield V will make its official debut on November 20, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  1. Battlefield V official website
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