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Essays 07 January 2024, 19:00

author: Paul Musiolik

10 Best RPGs of 2023 - Editors' Choice

There's no point in keeping you in the dark. Yes, Baldur's Gate 3 has claimed the title of best RPG of 2023. However, there may already be surprises in the other nine positions.

While selecting the best RPG wasn't a big deal for our editors, the other positions may surprise some, though rather positively. There are surprises, a black horse, and a game that has come a really long way. Without further ado – let's go.

10. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, CI Games, 2023. - Best RPG Games of 2023 - Editor's Choice - Draft - Document - 2023-12-21
Lords of the Fallen, CI Games, 2023.

Number of points scored: 30

The first installment of Lords of the Fallen was accused of copycatting the Dark Souls series. That's why, after years of difficult development, the new Lords of the Fallen decides to heavily draw inspiration from the Dark Souls series, unironically referring to itself as "Dark Souls 4" in various news. Well, that's an option. I won't be snarky, as the title developed by Hexworks could easily be confused with another From Software game if you overlook certain aspects.

I definitely approve of the artistic direction. The presentation of religious orthodoxy in this title is done quite well, even though it isn't a unique theme. I liked the system of changing worlds in real time, perhaps due to associations with the wonderful Soul Reaver. Unfortunately, the technical aspect of Lords of the Fallen was seriously lacking, at least immediately after its release. Throughout the entire game, I faced issues despite playing on a PC, which handles the Unreal Engine 5 much better than other platforms. Apparently it's better now, but I'm not keen to check it.

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Paul Musiolik

Paul Musiolik

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