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Essays 08 January 2024, 17:00

10 Worst Games of 2023 - Editors' Choice

2023 brought plenty of great games, but there were also those of questionable quality. And we aren't talking about niche indie games from remote corners of Steam, but rather games from large publishers made on large budgets.

Was the year 2023 successful for players? That's for everyone to decide for themselves. However, some titles surely have disappointed and let you down. We will take a closer look at them this time!

Our ranking was based on an editorial vote. You won't find any niche games from the bottom of Steam here. Instead, we took into account popular games that made a big impact in 2023. Unfortunately, The Day Before didn't qualify for the vote because it premiered late. The game debuted with such a bang that we can give it a special – zero place – in our hearts. I am also convinced that some of the games on this list will definitely surprise you. We start with the best of the worst. Have a good one. I think.

10. PayDay 3

PayDay 3, Prime Matter, 2023.

Number of points scored: 26

PayDay 3 is the long-awaited follow-up to bank heists. Starbreeze was expected to develop a game of at least equal quality following the success of PayDay 2. Maybe with fewer DLCs and a slightly improved monetization, but players once again wanted to wear bizarre masks and fight the police. Finally, they were given the opportunity to engage in robbery again, this time in New York.

The problem is that PayDay 3 currently looks like a game from Early Access. Many technical issues, the need for constant internet access, and malfunctioning servers are just the top of the iceberg. The game is quickly found to be lacking in both missions and weapons. The shooting also leaves much to be desired. For something that has been awaited for 10 years, this game falls far short of expectations – but don't worry! It's a game service, so everything will probably improve over time! And I'm writing this sincerely, contrary to appearances. Unless, of course, Starbreeze goes broke (again) by that time.

  1. PayDay 3 in our encyclopedia

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