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Essays 10 January 2022, 17:01

author: Paul Musiolik

Dark Horses of 2022 - Best Upcoming Obscure Games That May Surprise Us

Every year brings productions whose success is prophesied long before their release. But in this article, we talk about their opposites. What gaming surprises await in 2022?

Trek to Yomi

  1. Genre: action platform game
  2. Release date: 2022
  3. Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  4. Why it can surprise? we still have too few games with samurais in the lead role, and this project promises to be very interesting

Flying Wild Hog, in addition to Shadow Warrior 3, is also working on an interesting side-scroller, action, platfromer game Trek to Yomi. We play the role of a young samurai who, in order to keep an oath made to a dying mentor, has to face the forces of evil. The basic weapon is the katana, which will be used to slash enemies.

What distinguishes Trek is Yomi from other productions is definitely the style. Bathed in black, white and shades of gray, the locations look surprisingly good. Added to this is a filter that brings to mind Akira Kurosawa's cinematic classics. If you were looking for a game in which you can play a samurai, and Ghost of Tsushima did not meet your expectations, this production should be on your wish list.

  1. Trek to Yomi in our encyclopedia


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