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Essays 10 January 2022, 17:01

author: Paul Musiolik

Dark Horses of 2022 - Best Upcoming Obscure Games That May Surprise Us

Every year brings productions whose success is prophesied long before their release. But in this article, we talk about their opposites. What gaming surprises await in 2022?


  1. Genre: platformer
  2. Release date: 2022
  3. Developer: Jumpship
  4. Why it can surprise? The co-creator of Limbo is behind the game, and she is famous for a unique style

If you had the impression that this year will be almost exclusive to RPGs well, you were wrong. Somerville is an action platform game with adventure elements, which seems very evocative of the phenomenal Inside. The specific style allows this game to stand out from the competition.

The story tells about the world invaded by aliens. As the head of the family, we must survive by rebuilding family ties. We will also learn about the fate of other survivors of the invasion. We will move through the locations, solving many puzzles. This title will also offer moments in which dexterity will be useful, as well as moments when accuracy will be necessary, e.g. when shooting at aliens attacking us.

  1. Somerville in our encyclopedia


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