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Game Box for Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition (Switch)

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition

A horror-style, original adventure production, which is the debut project of the independent Norwegian studio Krillbite. In the game we play the role of a two-year-old child, taking over all physical and mental features of this age.

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Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition cover

developer: Krillbite Studio

publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing

Official website

Game mode: single player

game release date:







Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is an extended version of Among the Sleep, an unusual horror game released back in 2014. The new edition was developed by the creators of the original, namely the independent Norwegian studio Krillbite.


The protagonist of Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is a two-year-old boy who one night is awakened by sinister sounds coming from the outside of his room. The child quickly discovers that his mother has disappeared and decides to search of her. The lush imagination of the child makes the rooms he travels turn into surreal places, and the only way to get out of them is to find the lost memories. Players are accompanied by a plush teddy bear, which is boy's only ally in this expedition born of childhood nightmares.


Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition does not introduce any major changes to the gameplay compared to the original. The title is a first-person adventure game which focuses on exploration. Players' task is to explore consecutive locations in search of useful objects and memories, in which the boy is disturbed by various monsters. From time to time one has to solve simple puzzles to push the story forward.

The main element distinguishing Among the Sleep from many adventure games is the main character. A two-year-old boy is not yet able to walk smoothly, which is he mostly moves by crawling. The hero's low height also makes it difficult to access many places - even the door handles are out of reach for him, as long as the elements of the environment are not use as a support. What is more, the creators tried to render the child's incomplete understanding of the surrounding world. As a result, what we see is not always in line with reality and often the scenery changes on our eyes.

Game modes

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition offers a single player campaign only.

Technical and other aspects

Creators of Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition focused on improving the technical layer of the game, thanks to which the release described herein offers better visuals than the original. In addition, the optimisation has also been improved.

Extended edition of Among the Sleep offers a handful of add-ons that were absent in the original version. The authors added an alternative ending to the story and a handful of additional content, especially new dialogues. A prologue in the form of an additional level, previously available as a DLC, has also been taken into account.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Quad Core 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 460 or better, 2 GB HDD, Windows 7
Minimum: Dual Core 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce 8800 or better, 2 GB HDD, Windows XP SP2

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