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Game Box for CastleStorm VR (PS4)

CastleStorm VR PS4

A tower-defense strategy game with arcade elements developed exclusively for PlayStation VR. The player assumes the role of the steward protecting a stronghold controlled by either Vikings or Knights.

Strategy | fantasy | tower defense | multiplayer | for 2 people | 2.5 D | PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation 4
CastleStorm VR cover

developer: ZEN Studios

publisher : ZEN Studios

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-2

game language: English

game release date for PS4:


CastleStorm VR is a tower-defense strategy game with arcade elements, developed exclusively for PlayStation VR. The game has been created by the Hungarian studio called ZEN, known mainly for developing pinball games for Nintendo and Sony consoles, as well as mobile devices. So far, the best-selling Pinball FX 2 released on Xbox 360 and PC proved to be their biggest success.


The action of the PS4 release of CastleStorm VR is set in a fairytale-like, medieval realm, in which a player assumes the role of the steward protecting a stronghold domiciled by either Vikings or Knights.


The main objective is to keep the stronghold safe and eliminate enemy forces, or to besiege the enemy to either take or destroy their castle. The main weapon that one gets at his disposal is the ballistae placed on a high tower, which constitutes the foundation for one’s defense. The ballistae can be loaded with various kinds of ammunition – apart from standard arrows, there are apples, flails, grenades, guided eagles, and flying sheep.

One can lead to battle diverse units that vary in terms of their speed, strength, and special abilities – these include knights, mages, axe throwers, and priests, all of whom can fight the invader or besiege enemy’s fortress. Both the type and the strength of the available army depends on the castle’s level of development, as well as the chambers built within the fortress serving as recruitment points. During the game, a player can add a new chamber to his castle.

The developers offer players much leeway in the design and expansion of one’s castle. Nonetheless, one should remember to carefully plan the layout of all the chambers, as they are susceptible to enemy attacks. During the game, one can level up and gain access to new units and improvements.

Each map delivers several primary and optional objectives that provide the player with additional rewards. One can try to steal enemy’s banner, destroy his stronghold, or complete the objectives designed by the developers – it is all up to the player to decide.

Technical aspects

CastleStorm VR for PS4 delivers a multiplayer experience comprising both online and split-screen modes. The cooperative mode allows up to two players to fight off endless attack waves for as long as possible, while in the competitive mode one has to face another player and destroy his stronghold, or die trying.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Sony PlayStation 4

Uses: PlayStation VR