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Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest

Strategy 01 September 2020

An original strategy game with RPG elements, taking place in a unique dieselpunk universe of 1920+, created by a Polish concept artist Jakub Rozalski. The game portrays an alternative history of Europe at the turn of the 19th century, in which humanity used their knowledge and means to build powerful walking machines, used not only in battle but also e.g. in agriculture. Thus the gameplay features not only the cavalry, airplanes and prototype tanks, but also rather primitive and awkward mechs, seemingly not of this age. At the same time, the game is firmly grounded in Polish history and references important events such as the Battle of Warsaw.

Dieselpunk Wars
Dieselpunk Wars

Action 2021

Dieselpunk Wars is a simulation game with puzzle elements, which is based on exploring the world with self-constructed combat vehicles. The game features an advanced physical engine.

InSomnia: The Ark
InSomnia: The Ark

RPG 27 September 2018

A role-playing game by the independent Russian studio MONO, set in a steampunk world. The story takes place in a huge, partially abandoned space station, which has served as a shelter for a humanoid race called the Nomans. Years ago, they were forced to leave their home planet. The players take on the roles of the station's inhabitants, recently woken from hibernation, and have to complete a series of quests, mostly consisting of fighting enemies in real time. By exploring locations, which are dynamically generated in part, you need to watch your basic vitals, such as hunger, exposure, fatigue, oxygen level or sustained injuries. Fortunately, you can use a wide range of equipment, which is irretrievably lost when you die. The game features an isometric point of view and the visuals are fully 3D, resembling popular post-apocalyptic productions, such as Fallout or Wasteland.

Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition
Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition

RPG 31 January 2019

A continuation of the popular Sunless Sea developed by Failbetter Games. This time around, the action of the game is set not in the depths of an underground ocean but in the mysterious cosmic space known as “The High Wilderness”, which Queen Victoria wanted to use as a foundation for the New British Empire. The main protagonist of this story is an outcast, who objects the rule of the iron fist imposed by the Queen. During the game, a player observes the action from the top-down perspective. Gameplay revolves around exploring new locations, gathering supplies, fighting encountered enemies, and maintaining more or less friendly relationships with diverse groupings inhabiting the vast space. Similarly to the previous installment, in Sunless Skies a player has to mind his decisions, as even a small mistake might lead to the mission’s end and the death of the main protagonist. Player’s actions affect the direction of the story. Additionally, all the visited locations are procedurally generated – this makes each playthrough different and filled with diverse challenges.

Tower 57
Tower 57

Action 16 November 2017

An old-school 2D shooter developed by Pixwerk in cooperation with 11 bit studios. The game is inspired by classic 16-bit hits, such as the Chaos Engine series. The action of Tower 57 takes place in a devastated dieselpunk world, where gigantic towers are the only places harboring what remains of human civilization. The story focuses on the adventures of a group of daredevils who attempt to infiltrate the titular Tower 57. Players observe from a top-down perspective how the characters fight off hordes of enemies and utilize a rich arsenal of diverse weaponry. In the game, one assumes the role of one of the seven available protagonists, each featuring a unique set of skills and a number of destructive weapons. The entire experience falls under the typical twin-stick shooter convention and features dynamic gameplay as well as the option to destroy elements of the surroundings. The single player campaign is well complemented by a cooperative mode.


Adventure 2021

A point & click adventure game that was inspired by the dieselpunk convention and classic adventure games. Hexy Studio, a Warsaw-based developer, is responsible for developing this title.

Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings
Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings

Action 24 July 2018

An action title with elements of classic arcade shooters and roguelike productions. Developed by Blindflug, the game is a continuation of Cloud Crashers. The action takes us to a dieselpunk world. The main protagonist, Amelia, lives in the flying city Granaria. To make a living, the girl catches fish dwelling high in the clouds, and she is aware of the social inequalities of this sky utopia. What is important to the story, are the conflicts between different group of fishers who fight over access to rich fisheries. The action of Airheart is presented in top-down perspective. Exploration and catching fish play key roles in the title. By selling fish, you earn money that can be spent on upgrades for your flying vessel, which enables you to reach higher layers of atmosphere and face more powerful enemies. The landing ground serves as an excursion base where you trade, build new vessel elements, and get to learn the plot.