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Fantasy Westward Journey (PC cover
Game Box forFantasy Westward Journey (PC)

Fantasy Westward Journey

The game belongs to the MMORPG genre. It is one of the most popular titles of this type in China. The production offers several different races and classes of characters to choose from, and its action takes place in a universe inspired by Chinese culture.

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developer: NetEase publisher: NetEase

Fantasy Westward Journey is a game representing the MMORPG genre. The in-game world is based on one of the four most important novels in Chinese culture, Wandering West by Wu Cheng. In China this is a real phenomenon - it is played by over 300 million people and is ubiquitous in advertising and public awareness (some banks even offer items to play with as a bonus). The game was created and published by the Chinese company NetEase.


Fantasy Westward Journey tells the story of a Buddhist monk's expedition to Central Asia and India. The purpose of his pilgrimage was to retrieve the scriptures. The story is inspired by Chinese culture, mythology, and folklore, as well as references to Buddhist philosophy.


Fantasy Westward Journey is a quite typical MMORPG. One's adventure begins with the creation of a character. Players can customize both skills and appearance of their hero (they choose from several available races and clans, which are equivalent to classes known from other games).

During the game, players observe the action from the top-down perspective. The game revolves around exploring the locations, fighting against various enemies, and gradually developing the hero and his equipment. The combat system requires some skill and evokes associations with hack'n'slash games. It is worth noting that in the mobile version of this game one can find an automatic combat system (the player gives the command, but doesn't have to actively control a character).

As in nearly all such productions, players have the opportunity to join guilds and perform quests together (some tasks and activities are available only then, or offer additional rewards to people playing as a team).

Game modes

In Fantasy Westward Journey one can only play with others - the basis of the game is the online multiplayer mode prepared for a large number of players.

Technical aspects

Fantasy Westward Journey has three-dimensional visuals with a rather characteristic, very colorful style, which brings to mind associations with cartoons. The game features quite original design of characters, locations, and opponents. In terms of technology, technology, Fantasy Westward Journey is a bit different from the leading MMORPG games.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Fantasy Westward Journey: 12+

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