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Game Box for Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

Ghost of Tsushima PS4

An action sandbox game developed by Sucker Punch, the creators of the InFamous series. The player is taken to the titular island of Tshishima, where as a samurai he or she fights the Mongol invaders in order to avenge the death of family and close ones.

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Ghost of Tsushima cover

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Game mode: single player

game release date for PS4:


Ghost of Tsushima is a title developed exclusively for PS4. It was developed by the American studio Sucker Punch Productions, the creators of InFamous series and Sly Cooper series. Their newest project was kept in secret for three and a half years. It was presented for the first time during the Paris Games Week 2017.


The year is 1274. The Mongol Empire rules over the whole Asian continent. Its rulers are hungry of the riches of the Feudal Japan. The Khan decides to start an invasion. Its first target is the island Tsushima, located in the middle of the Korean Strait. During the assault, the Mongol armies decimate one of the islands. Among the casualties there are the family and friends of the main protagonist of the game, a samurai tasked with defending Japan. He manages to escape and from now his task is to avenge the fallen close ones and to stop the Mongols. To achieve this objective, he must forget the Samurai traditions and learn a new fighting style – the Ghost style.


Similarly to other games created by the developers of InFamous series, Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 is a third-person perspective open-world action game. The player can travel the game’s world on foot or on a horse. The developers put a strong emphasis on stealth system. The enemy has great advantage in numbers, so despite the fact that there are many weapons available in the game – from katana swords to bows – a direct confrontation is rarely the best choice of action.

In being stealthy it is important to be clever and to use various gadgets that can distract the opponents – including smoke bombs.

Ghost of Tsushima lacks a classic marker system that can lead the player to mission objectives. The elements of the surroundings serve this purpose instead – by looking around, the player can notice tracks or characteristic navigation points, which should be a good incentive to explore the world thoroughly.

Technical aspects

Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 takes place on the titular island that is fully open for exploration. The surroundings are very diverse and they include bamboo forests, small islands and temples. The developers focused on realistically recreating all places, making the game world deeper – it becomes one of the main protagonists of the story.

Expectations: 6.5 / 10 calculated out of 565 players' votes.  

System requirements

Sony: The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima Will Come to PS4
Sony: The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima Will Come to PS4

news 22 May 2019 15:17

More and more people on the Internet are wondering whether the long-announced The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding have been secretly transferred to PlayStation 5. Sony has dispelled these doubts at a recent investor conference.

Jason Schreier: Ghost of Tsushima to be Released in 2020
Jason Schreier: Ghost of Tsushima to be Released in 2020

news 04 June 2019 11:56

According to Jason Schreier, Ghost of Tsushima will be released in 2020. The journalist shared his opinion via Twitter, confirming that the first half of 2020 will be the time of the great launches.

PS5 May be Announced in 6 Months; Ghost of Tsushima on Next-gen?
PS5 May be Announced in 6 Months; Ghost of Tsushima on Next-gen?

news 13 August 2019 21:50

Summary of the email content that is reportedly being sent by Sony to its marketing partners has appeared on the web. The news suggests that the presentation of PlayStation 5 will take place on February 12, next year. One of the titles dedicated to the next-gen hardware would be Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch.

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