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Game Box for Left 4 Dead (PC)

Left 4 Dead

A co-op-oriented FPP action game and a unique combination of a Counter Strike-type shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead takes place in the apocalyptic United States, ravaged by a deadly virus, which got out of scientists' control and changes humans into bloodthirsty monsters.

Action | FPP | survival horror | zombie | Post Apocalypse | FPS | multiplayer | co-op | shooters

Left 4 Dead cover

developer: Turtle Rock Studios

publisher: Valve Corporation

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: local network / Internet

game release date:


PC X360

Left 4 Dead for PC and X360 is a co-op shooter game with strong survival horror elements, developed by Turtle Rock. It’s set in the apocalyptic United States, where a deadly virus got out of control and changes humans into raging bloodthirsty monsters. You play as one of the few people immune to the virus and your task is to escape a mutant-infested metropolis together with a team of other survivors.


Left 4 Dead emphasises the co-op aspect of the game. A lone ranger has little chance of survival — only close cooperation between the team's players can save you. There are four character types for each of the sides. If you want to play as a survivor, you can choose Bill, a Vietnam War veteran, Louis, an electronics store manager, Zoey, a rich teenager, or Franics, a big, loud and a bit uncouth but loyal muscleman. If you choose this side of the conflict, you’ll have to focus on cooperating with the others, since the individual survivors' abilities do not differ much. Moreover, they all use the same kinds of weapons — you utilize everything you find in abandoned houses: guns, rifles, shotguns, and handmade weapons, such as Molotov cocktails or homemade bombs. Things look different for the mutant side. It also features four characters to choose from: Boomer, Smoker, Hunter and Tank. Each of them has unique abilities, determining their playstyle. For example, Boomer can vomit a stream of blood, which attracts mutant hordes to the victim, while Smoker has a ten-metres-long tongue he can grab people with (e.g. to drag them out of cover). Since the mutants can't use weapons, they are at their best when they hide and wait for a right moment to strike. The only exception to this rule is Tank, a giant who can smash through walls as throw cars — he has no need for finesse. The mutants' strength lies mostly in their numbers — they just swarm their victims and tear them to shreds.

Game modes

There are four campaigns, each consisting of five maps, and they're all a part of a single story. Every map features a different goal, which leads us to the next part of the plot. There is not much of variety there, though — every time you have to reach a rally point, from where you're transported to another place.

Apart from the online co-op mode, Left 4 Dead for PC and X360 also features a singleplayer mode, in which your teammates are controlled by the AI.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Pentium 4 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 6600 or better), 7.5 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360

Uses: Xbox Live

Turtle Rock publishes another Left 4 Dead campaign
Turtle Rock publishes another Left 4 Dead campaign

news 07 November 2016 14:02

Despite being a 8-year-old game, Left 4 Dead received another campaign from its developers at Turtle Rock Studios. Well, it is an incomplete beta, but it's also for free.

Alleged Screens From Cancelled Left 4 Dead 3 Leaked
Alleged Screens From Cancelled Left 4 Dead 3 Leaked

news 19 April 2019 12:29

It's been almost 10 years since the release of Left 4 Dead 2. From time to time, minor rumors about the next part of the series by Valve surface on the web. This time, the leak was much bigger. Tyler McViker has published 29 screens on YouTube, all allegedly coming from the new installment.

Rumor: Left 4 Dead Will be Back as VR Game
Rumor: Left 4 Dead Will be Back as VR Game

news 10 December 2019 21:34

Left 4 Dead is an iconic series that has probably taken many hours out of your, and your friends' lives. 10 long years have passed since the release of the last installment, and according to the latest leaks, the next part may soon appear on the horizon in virtual reality.

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