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Manor Lords news and interesting facts

'Wait, You Guys Thought I Meant Walls as in a Siege System...?' Manor Lords Players Send Styczen on Well-Deserved Vacation

Maciej Gaffke, 10 June 2024, 02:00

Grzegorz Styczen, responsible for the well-received Manor Lords, hasn't communicated with fans of his game. Despite the disagreements, players aren't angry with the developer, instead, they persistently send him on vacation.

Tim Bender From Hooded Horse Gave Another Piece of Advice to Independent Devs Looking for Publisher

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 May 2024, 22:43

Manor Lords' publisher warns developers not to be guided by the companies' conduct toward their big hits when choosing a partner, but by how they treat less successful projects.

Manor Lords Reached Important Milestone in Remarkably Short Time; Publisher Boasts About It in Poetic Style

Maciej Gaffke, 16 May 2024, 23:16

Hooded Horse, the publisher of Manor Lords, boasted that the game from the Slavic Magic studio surpassed 2 million copies sold.

Manor Lords Publisher Criticized Publishing Methods Hitting Devs. 'This Is a Silly Way to Do Business'

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 May 2024, 01:49

Tim Bender from Hooded Horse criticized the industry's „ingrained” habit of including cash-flow clauses by publishers. In his opinion, this is bad for both developers and players.

Manor Lords Fans Banned From Discussing Mods. For Official Mod Support We'll Have to Wait

Jacob Blazewicz, 13 May 2024, 05:15

We still have to wait for the official support of mods in Manor Lords. Until then, discussion of them on the game's Discord channel is prohibited.

Manor Lords Was 'Pushed to the Limit.' Village of Over 3,000 Residents Has to Cope With Only One Market

Kamil Kleszyk, 12 May 2024, 23:57

One Manor Lords fan managed to build a town of over 3,000 residents. The player explains that his goal wasn't to create a beautiful settlement but to push the game to its limits.

Manor Lords Dev With Big Plans for His Strategy Game; They Even Include Castles and Siege Machines

Martin Bukowski, 05 May 2024, 23:02

The developer of Manor Lords has plans to add siege machines and castles to his game. He considers them an essential part of that period.

Manor Lords - Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4) Release

Agnes Adamus, 30 April 2024, 04:48

The Manor Lords strategy is hugely popular on the PC right now. From this guide you will find out if the game will be released on PS5, PS4 and Xbox consoles.

'99% Crashes So Far Are Old Drivers.' Manor Lords Dev Highlights Root of Players' Problems

Maciej Gaffke, 30 April 2024, 02:10

Players are complaining about the problems occurring in the Manor Lords strategy game. The developers point out the causes of the troubles and offer solutions.

Manor Lords Is 'Historically Inspired' Game and Love Letter to Strategy Classic. Dev Asked Players About Crucial Change

Jacob Blazewicz, 30 April 2024, 02:03

The strategy from 30 years ago is, so to speak, an ancestor of Manor Lords, with the Polish developer reluctant to describe his game as faithful to historical facts.

Workaround for Exception Access Violation in Manor Lords

Aleksander Kartasinski, 30 April 2024, 01:57

If Manor Lords crashes for you with exception access violation, there is something that you can do about it, while the developer works on resolution. Here you will find a workaround to alleviate this issue.

Manor Lords - Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 28 March 2024, 00:55

If you are wondering if Manor Lords will have coop and multiplayer features, here you will find the answer for your question.

Manor Lords Dev Explains Mechanic Limitations, Highlighted by New Feature

Jacob Blazewicz, 25 March 2024, 05:52

Alpha testing of the Manor Lords strategy confirmed the developer's belief that too much randomness in gameplay isn't a good idea.

Over 2M Players Waiting for Manor Lords, Surprisingly to Developers

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 January 2024, 04:59

Even the developer and publisher of Manor Lords did not expect such interest in the Polish strategy game, which is entering Steam's Early Access.

Manor Lords May Copy a Great Feature From Total War: Rome 2

Adrian Werner, 12 January 2024, 01:11

The highly anticipated Manor Lords may feature an interesting Total War: Rome 2-style solution that provides players with the information they need without spoiling the immersion.

New Footage From Manor Lords

Adam Celarek, 08 August 2023, 13:01

The independent RTS Manor Lords is taking shape. The founder of Slavic Magic is eager to share the behind-the-scenes of the creation of his charming game.

New Screenshots Remind of Strategy Game Manor Lords

Adrian Werner, 04 June 2022, 15:43

Slavic Magic has released new screenshots from the strategy game Manor Lords. The team recently announced that Hooded Horse will become the game's publisher, providing additional resources for development and marketing.

Manor Lords Shapes Up Nicely on New Gameplay

Milosz Szubert, 15 February 2021, 15:50

Polish studio Slavic Magic has published another gameplay from the upcoming medieval strategy game Manor Lords. It's not long, lasting a little over two minutes, and is entirely focused on the presentation of battles.

Manor Lords on New Gameplay

Adrian Werner, 23 September 2020, 13:52

Slavic Magic released a video focusing on Manor Lords, a strategy game set in the Middle Ages.

Manor Lords Announcement Takes Gaming Community by Storm

Paul Wozniak, 06 July 2020, 15:11

A few days ago, Polish game developer Slavic Magic released a trailer of its upcoming strategy game with city builder elements, which quickly won the hearts of many players. The game impressed mainly with its visuals and fresh approach to the genre.