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News video games 10 July 2024, 05:27

author: Jacob Blazewicz

The Long Dark Developer Apologizes for Criticizing Manor Lords

Raphael van Lierop revised his post about Manor Lords, apologizing to Slavic Magic studio, Hooded Horse company and Internet users for his words.

Source: Slavic Magic / Hooded Horse.

The Long Dark developer apologized to the publisher and developer of Manor Lords. The previous post by Raphael van Lierop (published on LinkedIn) has been modified and the CEO of Hinterland Studio added a clarification. After - we quote - "this post, and the subsequent response from the publisher, has generated so much heat and hatred (publicly and privately)."

Just a reminder: the developer recently posted about Manor Lords as an example of the issues with early access - slow development after release and a lack of new content to maintain or increase the number of players in the game simultaneously. The entry was commented on by Tim Bender, the CEO of Hooded Horse, which released the game by Grzegorz Styczen.

Van Lierop acknowledged that he should have expressed his statement more clearly, preferably without naming a specific title - which, as he also mentioned in the original post, provided him with a lot of enjoyment. Hence, apologies to Slavic Magic studio and Hooded Horse publisher. He also added that all the "hate" towards him shouldn't fall on the employees of Hinterland studio as well.

Van Lierop clarified that his original post was in no way an endorsement of the "crunch." Now he intends to focus on the development of his own games (perhaps in reference to the cynical comments regarding the failure to release the last episode of The Long Dark more than 7 years after its announcement).

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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