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Pokemon Trading Card Game Live (PC cover
Game Box forPokemon Trading Card Game Live (PC)

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is the next digital incarnation of the Pokemon-licensed card game. This time, The Pokemon Company itself developed the game which replaced the earlier Pokemon TCG Online.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is another free-to-play game adapting the collectible Pokemon card game (CCG or TCG) witch Pokemon to video games. It replaces the earlier Pokemon Trading Card Game Online designed by the Dire Wolf Digital team, which was removed from digital distribution with the release of the new game. This time, it was developed by in-house studio of The Pokemon Company.


Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is a faithful copy of the original Pokemon licensed card game and is based on the same rules. In keeping with CCG convention, players engage in duels using cards, acquiring new ones over time to build increasingly powerful and advanced decks. Cards represent creatures familiar to fans of the brand (including so-called evolutions, which require their less advanced form to be summoned on the field), but also energy and support cards (such as trainers). There are also mechanics added to the paper Pokemon TCG over the long years of development of the game, including mega evolutions, special variants of creatures, etc.

To win a duel, you must either reduce the number of cards in your opponent's deck to zero, or knock out all of their Pokémon and draw every Prize card as a result.

Game modes

Although Pokemon Trading Card Game Live focuses on duels with other players (including online rankings), the developers have also included an option to play against artificial intelligence. The game will also feature daily quests that will reward us with valuable prizes as part of the battle pass.

Pokemon TCG integration

Graphics was one of the reasons why The Pokemon Company decided to replace Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with a new game - Pokemon Trading Card Game Live. The authors rebuilt the entire interface to bring it in line with modern standards and mobile devices.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live allows you to scan the codes of deck sets and supplements for paper Pokemon TCG. In the case of the former, we get the virtual equivalent of the physical product, but the latter will only give us packs of a given expansion with random cards. On the other hand, the in-game chat feature and trading digital cards with other players have been dropped.


The game also includes micropayments based on several types of digital in-game currency. For this we can purchase new cards or accessories that allow us to personalise our avatar. In addition, the creators have provided for the possibility to transfer part of the collection from Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, including cards and selected gadgets (including T-shirts and deck boxes), albeit with certain restrictions.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Pokemon Trading Card Game Live: Good for all ages.

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