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Spartan: Gates of Troy (PC cover
Game Box forSpartan: Gates of Troy (PC)

Spartan: Gates of Troy PC

An addition to Spartan turn-based strategy based on events for which the (un)indirect reason was the beautiful Helena.

This is Spartan expansion pack.

Strategy | turn-based | Ancient history | Greek mythology | Ancient Greece

Spartan: Gates of Troy Release Date PC


developer: Matrix Games/Slitherine publisher: Matrix Games/Slitherine Official website

English language game language: English

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Gates of Troy is the sequel to the award winning Spartan. Gates of Troy is an epic turn based strategy game that covers the Trojan Wars, and lets the player take control of mighty heroes such as Achilles and Hector and allows you to assault the Gates of Troy and build the Trojan horse.

Players can also refight the battle of Thermopylae on a one for one scale, as Leonidas, leading the might Spartan warriors to their glorious fate.

Gates of Troy includes 6 campaigns, 19 heroes, over 50 units and a number of great features not available in Spartan.

Gates of Troy does not require Spartan.

If Spartan is also installed it will allow you to play all the Spartan campaigns through Troy. Gates of Troy is compatible with all versions & languages of Spartan.


* Zoomable campaign map

* Vassalization of foreign nations through diplomacy

* New UI design & improved UI functionality

* Build the Trojan Horse

* Numerous diplomacy improvements

* AI improvements

* Improved auto resolution of battles

* Extra mod features

12 New Units

* Levy

* Massed Archers

* Thorakitai

* Achaian Spearmen

* Achaian Nobles

* Dardanian Spearmen

* Dardanian Nobles

* Pelegasian Spearmen

* Pelegasian Nobles

* Myrmidons

* Theban Hoplites

* Thespian Hoplites

19 Heroes

* Achilles son of Peleus

* Odysseus son of Laertes

* Hektor son of Priamos

* Diomedes son of Tydeus

* Aias son of Telamon

* Teukros son of Telamon

* Idomeneus son of Deukalion

* Antilochos son of Nestor

* Eurypylos son of Euaimon

* Aias son of Oileus

* Polydamas son of Panthous

* Sarpedon son of Zeus

* Aineias son of Anchises

* Dolon son of Eumedes

* Leonidas King of Sparta

* Demophilus of Thespiae

* Aristagoras of Miletos

* Patroclus

* Paris

6 Campaigns & 3 Tutorials

* The Trojan Wars

* The pass of Thermopylae

* Greek Colonization

* Pre-Historic Greece

* The Ionian Revolt

* Grand Campaign with Rome & Persia

Game mode: single / multiplayer  

Media type: 1 CD

User score: 8,6 / 10 based on 264 votes.

PEGI rating Spartan: Gates of Troy

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.

Spartan: Gates of Troy System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • Pentium III 450MHz
  • 128MB RAM
  • graphic card 16MB
  • 500 MB HDD
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