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Way of the Samurai 2 (PS2 cover
Game Box forWay of the Samurai 2 (PS2)

Way of the Samurai 2 PS2

The player takes on the role of an average samurai living in the 19th century, when samurai caste ceased to exist. The action takes place in a completely three-dimensional environment, and its course is observed from the perspective of a third person.

Action | TPP | hack'and'slash | Samurai | 19th century | PlayStation exclusive titles

Way of the Samurai 2 Release Date PS2


developer: Acquire publisher: Capcom Official website

English language game language: English

One lone warrior can change the destiny of a town. Will your sword fight on the side of justice and freedom, or will you be a force for evil?

Live to fight for honour and glory; to free the innocent and destroy the corrupt.

A once peaceful town finds itself victim to extreme violence after shifting policies within the ruling government cause unrest amongst its citizens. Gangs behave without honour, spreading tyranny and fear amongst the townspeople, whilst the governors suppress all with brutal justice.

However, amongst the desperation there is hope: a lone warrior arrives with the ability to change the town's destiny. Whether the changes made are for the better is a result of the choices you make as you live the way of the Samurai.

* Survive as a Samurai in a town that has been torn apart by warring factions. It's down to you how to play the game - help free the innocent or join the corrupt.

* Realistic sword fighting allows you to experience traditional Samurai techniques, including twin sword, quick slash and acrobatic ninja styles.

* Buy new swords to help defeat other Samurais and rival gangs. Famous swords can also be found amongst the townspeople that carry great power and strength.

* Accept requests as a hired hand to obtain rewards from the citizens of the town and turn the balance of power and the feelings of the citizens in your favour.

Last updated on 10 December 2007

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 1 DVD

User score: 6.9 / 10 based on 29 votes.

PEGI rating Way of the Samurai 2

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains bad language. Game contains depictions of violence.

Way of the Samurai 2 System requirements

Sony PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

  • Uses:
  • memory card
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