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News video games 03 April 2023, 15:53

author: Marcin Przala

'You Ruined This Remake' - Ada Wong VA Faces Hating From Resident Evil 4 Fans

Some people who consider themselves fans of the Resident Evil series decided to vent their dissatisfaction with the remake on the actress who provided her voice to one of the characters. The wave of hate was so great that the actress withdrew from social media.

Resident Evil 4 Remake has found recognition among both gamers, as well as critics, and at this point seems to be a serious candidate for game of the year.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the refreshed adventures of Leon Kennedy, here and there there are voices of orthodox fans of the fourth Resident, who seem to complain about one particular aspect of the remake.

Troublesome voice acting

Some die-hard fans, not to say psychofans of Resident Evil 4, still can't swallow voice acting that Capcom served to players in the remake. According to some the issue of "failed" voice over performed by one of the actresses is so serious that it prevents them from enjoying the gameplay.

Some frustrated gamers decided to vent their negative emotions by attacking one of the voice actresses directly on Instagram.

Actress flooded with hate

The victim of toxic fans of the fourth Resident turned out to be Lily Gao, who played the role of Ada Wong in the remake.

From the moment of the game's release, the actress's social media was flooded with negative reviews that mercilessly criticized her role in the fourth Resident.

"You ruined this remake. I feel I just wasted my money buying the deluxe edition to get Ada's VA (voice acting)."

"Your voice acting in the RE4 remake was terrible. It sounded super stiff and there was nothing seductive about it. It didn't fit at all. I hope they don't hire you as Ada's voice actress in the next game."

From time to time, voices of appreciation and support for the actress broke through amidst the "sea of hate" directed toward Gao; however, this did not dissuade Ada's voice actress from withdrawing from social media.

Gao, in response to acts of verbal aggression from the players, decided to delete all her posts on Instagram - except for one enigmatic post, which, by the way, cannot be commented on.

"This is not the first time Lily Gao has played the role of Ada Wong. Previously, the actress played her on the occasion of the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie.

Another such situation

The situation described above is not the first time that a toxic fan community has directly attacked VAs in video games. In 2020 we had the case of Laura Bailey, who played the role of Abby from The Last of Us: Part II.

You Ruined This Remake - Ada Wong VA Faces Hating From Resident Evil 4 Fans - picture #1
Abby's character drove toxic psychofans crazy Source: NaughtyDog.

That case was more serious, as toxic fans began threatening Bailey with death, in effect identifying her with the fictional character hated by some gamers.

The social media of the developers themselves are also not free from toxic users - some of the giving the impression of being unstable. This is best demonstrated by the recent situation with the developers of Rust, who were forced to cancel a meeting with fans for fear of endangering staffs' lives.

Internet hating, taking various forms, is an unacceptable phenomenon. We stand by our position that there can be no place in the community - not just gamers - for the kind of behavior that affected Lily Gao.

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