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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide

Las Plagas once again Resident Evil 4 Remake guide is the best tips for getting started, for combat, character development. We describe all secrets, files, puzzles, bosses, how to fix the knife, trophies, how to save the game, system requirements, game length, controls.

Last update: 11 April 2023

Our Resident Evil 4 Remake game guide will help you survive the Las Plagas nightmare as Leon S. Kennedy. We have prepared an extensive FAQ with explanations of the most important gameplay mechanics and locations of all collectibles so that you can discover 100% of RE4's treasures. Our interactive map has the locations of all the secrets and puzzles.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Guide content

The most important section of the guide is the focusing on secrets and collectibles. Its essential part is a page with information on how to unlock all weapons and gadgets. You will also learn about optional puzzles and the locations of secret items (such as various crystals). We also point out where you can encounter the trader and what things he offers.

The FAQ section of the guide has answers to frequently asked questions. From it you can learn, e.g. how to save the game, whether it is possible to return to previous locations, whether Ashley can die, whether it is possible to repair or replace the knife, how to kill the Regenerator, and whether it is possible to increase the inventory.

In a separate subsection, we have included descriptions of boss fights - you will learn about their unique attacks, weaknesses and recommended tactics. The section ends with a description of the final boss. In the chapter on basics, you will find combat tips, hints on map exploration, and tips on how to play as Ashley and how to escort her when playing as Leon.

Besides the main chapters, the guide also includes an appendix, where we have included a trophy guide - you will learn about the requirements for achievements and how to unlock the platinum trophy. Other pages of the appendix cover such topics as the controls, the contents of the collector's edition, PC system requirements or how long Resident Evil 4 Remake is.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Explore the locations carefully. You can find various supplies, collectibles and valuables. Some treasures are hidden in containers - you have to destroy them first.
  2. Use the knife wisely. The remake introduces a major change - the knife can lose durability and become irreparably damaged. An alternative to knife attacks are, for example, kicks.
  3. You don't have to defeat every enemy. In some locations, you don't have to kill all enemies - an example would be the battle in the village at the beginning of the game. You can focus on the mission objective and save your supplies.
  4. Plan your purchases well. Items offered by the merchant can be expensive, and not all of them are that useful. First, buy those that will help you the most to progress.
  5. Always have a few herbs and ammunition. The game features a few larger and more difficult fights, in which you can use up more ammunition and medicine. Always have a few herbs and some ammo supplies in your inventory so that you won't find yourself in a difficult situation.
  6. Aim at opponents' weapons. Try to aim at the weapons carried by enemies in their hands (they may drop them after a shot) and shoot the weapons thrown at Leon before they hit him.

More tips and hints on a separate page of the guide: Tips and tricks.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Secrets and puzzles

  1. Files - Village - On this page we have compiled documents, notes, books and other similar quest items from the Village.
  2. Files - Castle - This page describes letters, documents, notes and other similar quest items from the Castle.
  3. Files - Island - This page lists various letters, photos, documents, and reports possible to find on the island.
  4. Treasure Maps - From this page you will learn where to purchase treasure maps with the locations of selected secrets marked.
  5. Wayshrine - On the page we have listed all the Wayshrine shrines from the Village region and you will also find out where the Old Wayshrine Key is.
  6. Square Lock Box - The page compiles Square Lock Box containers from the Castle region and you will also find out where the Cubic Device is.
  7. Chest with Decorated Keyhole - We described these unique locked chests that Ashley opens in the castle in Chapter 9.
  8. Yellow Herb - Village - Here you will learn where to look for Yellow Herbs in the Village in order to extend the health bar permanently.
  9. Yellow Herb - Castle - The page compiles more Yellow Herbs, this time to be found in the Castle.
  10. Yellow Herb - Island - On the page we have compiled the last Yellow Herbs that can be found on the Island.
  11. Shooting Range - From the description, you will learn where all Shooting Ranges are, what their objectives are, and how to collect Tokens.
  12. Locked Drawers - Village - The page describes all locked drawers with treasures to find in the village.
  13. Locked Drawers - Castle - The page features the locations of locked drawers with loot hidden in various parts of the castle.
  14. Small Keys - Castle - On this page we've described where to find the keys needed to open Locked Drawers in the village.
  15. Small Keys - Castle - Here we've compiled a list of keys for Locked Drawers to collect in the castle.
  16. CQBR Assault Rifle - you will learn where in the castle the secret CQBR assault rifle is located and how to take it.
  17. Clockwork Castellans - locations of all 16 figures. This is one of the more difficult categories of collectibles.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Puzzle solutions

  1. All Combination Locks - look here for solutions to Combination Lock puzzles and all terminal puzzles (Island).
  2. Hexagonal Emblem - here we described the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle from Chapter 2 and show how and where to obtain the Hexagonal Emblem in Village.
  3. Village Chief's Manor - There are solutions to 2 mansion puzzles in chapter 2: Combination Lock and Crystal Marble (locked door on the first floor).
  4. Church Key - The page describes 2 larger puzzles from chapter 4: Stone Dais in Large Cave Shrine and Small Cave Shrine. By solving it, you will get a key in the Mural Cave.
  5. Dials and stained glass in the church - From our walkthrough, you will learn how to use Dials in the church and how to assemble stained glass window.
  6. Swords in the Treasury - Our guide describes the puzzle from chapter 7. You will learn how to get all 4 swords and how to properly place them in Four Images.
  7. Binders - This page is about the location from chapter 8, where you must find Lithographic Stones and correctly place them in the slots on the door.
  8. Dining Hall chairs - Our walkthrough suggests where Ashley and Leon have to sit at the dining hall table in chapter 9. You will obtain the Serpent Head.
  9. Grandfather Clock - on this page, you can find the solutions for the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Chapter 9 (Ashley). You will learn how to read and set the correct time.
  10. Salazar Family Insignia - This is the mausoleum puzzle from chapter 9. Ashley needs to properly set up 3 lamps in the location with the tomb of the Salazar family.
  11. Terminal in Dissection - this puzzle appears in Chapter 13 (Island). View the page to learn how to activate Electronic Lock Terminal in Dissection and how to create correct connections on the mini-game screen.
  12. Terminal in Freezer - This is an optional puzzle from chapter 13. We explain how to restore power supply and unlock access to SMG LE5 weapon.
  13. Wrench in Incubation Lab - we explain how and where to get the Wrench in Chapter 13 so Leon can unlock the Overwrite Terminal in Incubation Lab.
  14. Terminal in Waste Disposal - this is a puzzle in Chapter 14 that requires cooperation with Ashley.
  15. Hexagon Pieces - an optional puzzle in Village that involves the Stone Pedestal and 3 Hexagon Piece artifacts. We've supplied solutions of it for each difficulty level.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Requests (side missions)


  1. Pest Control - a task from Chapter 2 that involves eliminating all the rats from Abandoned Factory.
  2. Viper Hunter - a mission from Chapter 3 in which Leon has to kill and deliver 3 vipers to the merchant.
  3. Grave Robber - available from Chapter 3 - the quest involves destroying symbols appearing on the graves in front of the Church.
  4. Egg Hunt - in this mission (Chapter 4), you need to find and collect an unique Gold Chicken Egg.
  5. Catch Me a Big Fish - starting from Chapter 4, you can take up fishing - your task is to catch an unique Lunker Bass.
  6. A Savage Mutt - Leon has to deal with a mini-boss (Savage Mutt) in Village Square.
  7. More Pest Control - second rat hunt, this time you need to clear the infestation in Grand Hall and Library.
  8. Merciless Knight - second mini-boss - this time it's a Merciless Knight (a larger Armaduras) found in Mausoleum.
  9. Insect Hive - this task is often overlooked - it involves destroying monster nests in Hive.
  10. Jewel Thief - you can pick up this quest in Chapter 12, and it sees you steal a unique jewel.
  11. The Disgrace of the Salazar Family - another Request from Chapter 12, this time your task is to destroy the painting of Roman Salazar.
  12. Even More Pest Control - final rat quest. This time, the rats infested Waste Disposal.
  13. The Wandering Dead - this is the final quest featuring a mini-boss, this time it is a more powerful version of Regenerador who is found in Incubation Lab.

Blue Medallions

  1. Destroy the Blue Medallions - a task from Chapter 1 that sees you destroy 5 Blue Medallions in the Farm location of the Village.
  2. Destroy the Blue Medallions 2 - in this task (Chapter 4) you need to destroy 5 Blue Medallions, this time in Quarry and Fish Farm locations.
  3. Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 - available in Chapter 7, this task involves destroying 6 Blue Medallions in Castle Gate location of the Castle.
  4. Destroy the Blue Medallions 4 - available in Chapter 9 - Leon has to destroy 6 Blue Medallions in the Grand Hall and adjacent locations of the Castle.
  5. Destroy the Blue Medallions 5 - appearing in Chapter 14, this task requires you to destroy 5 Blue Medallions in Cargo Depot location of the Island.
  6. Destroy the Blue Medallions 6 - in this task (Chapter 15) you need to destroy 5 Blue Medallions in the Cliffside Ruins location of the Island.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All bosses

  1. Chainsaw Man - the first boss with a chainsaw encountered in Village Square in chapter 1.
  2. Del Lago - a swimming monster that Leon must face in chapter 3 after reaching the lake.
  3. El Gigante - a large giant-troll that you fight in the quarry in chapter 4.
  4. Chainsaw Sisters - two opponents with chainsaws that will appear at Checkpoint in chapter 6.
  5. Mendez - he is the final boss of the Village and you must defeat him in the Slaughterhouse in chapter 6.
  6. Garrador - a blind boss that you will face in the Dungeon in chapter 7. We also described the fight with a pair of Garradors in chapter 10.
  7. Verdugo - a powerful creature from the Underground Laboratory in chapter 10 that you can avoid or kill.
  8. Dos Gigantes - a pair of giants (one with and one without armor) that you will face in Blast Furnace in chapter 11.
  9. Jack Krauser (Chapter 11) - the first duel with the commando is a knife fight combined with parrying and dodging.
  10. Ramon Salazar - he is the final boss of the Castle region. You face the mutated Salazar in chapter 12.
  11. Jack Krauser (Chapter 14) - you must defeat the commando again in the ruins on the Island.
  12. Final boss - the fight with the final boss takes place in Loading Docks in chapter 16.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: FAQ


  1. How to survive the battle in the Village Square? - On the page we have detailed how to win the first major fight in the Village Square.
  2. How to survive the Valley battle? - This page describes another big fight in the Village region, this time in the Valley where you have to look for Hexagonal Emblem.
  3. How to defend yourself with Luis? - This page describes a more difficult battle - the siege from chapter 5. You will learn how to defend yourself on the ground and first floors of the house.
  4. How to heal? - Learn about the best medicines in the game and whether the health bar can regenerate by itself.
  5. How to kill Regenerador monsters? - Learn how to avoid the regenerating monsters on the Island and how to effectively locate and destroy their parasites.
  6. How to destroy Armaduras? - We explain how to neutralize Armadura's animated armors and how to avoid living armors when playing as Ashley.
  7. How to destroy parasites? - The site provides tips on how to destroy Las Plagas parasites extracted from the bodies of enemies.


  1. How to save the game? - We explain where to save the game and whether it is free, as well as whether there are automatic saves in the game.
  2. Can you rescue the dog? - The page answers the question of whether a dog appears in the remake and whether, once freed from the trap, it can help in the fight against El Gigante.
  3. Is there a fast travel? - The page tells whether there are easy ways to travel between remote locations.
  4. How to open Locked Drawers? - The page has information on how to open drawers and whether or not lockpicks appear in the game.
  5. How to climb? - The page explains how to climb Gaps in the Wall and Collapsible Ladders to reach new places.
  6. Is there a point of no return? - This page lists the so-called points of no return in the Village and Castle regions.
  7. How to escape Mendez? - Description of the escape from the Checkpoint area of Chapter 6 in the village.
  8. How to destroy catapults? - Instructions on how to destroy 4 enemy catapults from the Castle Gate location.
  9. How to avoid traps in the Clock Tower? - How to deal with fire traps and rolling bullets in Chapter 12.
  10. What are the difficulty levels? - All available difficulty levels and the main differences between them.


  1. How to repair the Combat Knife? - The page explains whether you can repair the knife as it wears out gradually, as well as how to get another knife.
  2. How to add additional inventory slots? - The page explains whether there is an option to expand the hero's inventory, which by default has a relatively small space.
  3. Can you use armor? - Our guide explains whether the game has armor that can absorb some of the enemies' attacks.
  4. How to get a magnum? - The page tells you how to get 2 different variants of magnums and how to upgrade them.
  5. How to turn on the flashlight? - Information on how to use a flashlight to explore dark locations.
  6. Is it worth selling keys? - Answers to the question of whether and when it is worth disposing of used keys.
  7. Where is Storage? - Information on how to access the item storage and the main principles of using it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Basics

  1. All weapons - this page has information on where to find or purchase all available weapons. You will also learn about the weapons received as rewards.
  2. Combining treasures - An explanation of how to combine items by placing gems in artifacts.
  3. Crafting - You will learn what crafting is based on, as well as how to acquire new schemes and materials.
  4. Upgrading Weapons - We explain how to upgrade weapons by raising their base stats (firepower, reload, etc.).
  5. Ashley - The page explains the gameplay mechanics of the sequences in which Ashley is a playable character. You will also find out if she can fight.
  6. Charms - Information about charms, how to install them and what are their best passive bonuses.
  7. Stealth and combat - Various tips on direct combat and stealth attacks.
  8. Merchant - Information about the merchants, his stalls and changing offers.
  9. Content Shop - Extra content store and what you can consider buying there with CP points.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Minimum PC system requirements

The following requirements are for running the game in 1080p at 60 frames per second with performance settings. However, the game may lose a few frames here and there during more intense scenes.

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit version
  2. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel Core i5-7500
  3. GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560 4 GB / Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB.
  4. RAM: 8 GB
  5. DirectX: 12

More information about the recommended system requirements and the game's performance on consoles can be found at: System requirements.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Game editions

You can purchase Resident Evil 4 Remake in a standard version and a Collector's Edition, which includes, among other things, a Leon figurine. We have described the contents of both versions in more detail on the page: Game editions.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Game length

The play time of Resident Evil 4 Remake is very similar to the original from 2005. Your first playthrough should take about 15-17 hours. Optional exploration, tasks and collectibles can add another 10 or more hours. More information at: Game length.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Release date

Resident Evil 4 Remake was released on March 24, 2023. The game was developed for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Language versions

Resident Evi 4 Remake is available in 11 languages. For a full list of supported languages, visit: Language versions.

About Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Resident Evil 4 Video Game

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