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News video games 29 February 2024, 01:49

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

After Success of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Has Full Rights To Control Brand

Remedy Entertainment studio has purchased the rights to the Control brand from 505 Games. The Finnish studio now has full distribution rights to the Control 2 and Condor franchise.

Source: Remedy Entertainment

For quite some time, it has been known that Control, a well-received shooter with the typical assumptions and science fiction atmosphere of other Remedy Entertainment games, will be getting a sequel and a spin-off. Today we found out that the fate of this brand rests entirely with its devs, as a Finnish developer has acquired complete ownership of the series from 505 Games.

The agreement between the above-mentioned entities was signed in 2017. As part of it, Control was developed and released. After finalizing the rights purchase - a transaction valued at around 17 million euros - Remedy Entertainment studio has obtained complete ownership of the brand. Interestingly, 505 Games will remain the publisher of the first installment until the end of this year.

The CEO of the Finnish studio, Tero Virtala, thanked for this successful cooperation and commented on the transaction:

Having complete ownership over the Control franchise gives us the freedom to decide the best path forward. We will consider our options carefully, knowing that Control is considered an attractive franchise by many partners.

Remedy Entertainment can now search for a better publisher for Control 2 and the multiplayer game Condor, or choose to publish them on their own. Work on these projects is progressing well, and they are expected to "move into the next phase of development" in the first half of 2024.

The takeover of the brand Control occurred a few months after the warmly received release of Alan Wake 2, which is the fastest-selling game in the portfolio of Remedy Entertainment studio. Until mid-February, 1.3 million players had engaged with the game featuring the titular writer. The first installment of Control was bought by 4 million people.

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