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News hardware & software 26 August 2019, 21:15

author: Conrad Hazi

AMD Radeon VII Probably Reached End of Life Status

AMD has not yet officially confirmed this information, but it seems that after less than nine months the production of Radeon VII has been discontinued. This is not a great surprise in the considering high price of the model and only slightly worse performance of the latest RX 5700 series cards.

A little more and we'll get something like "O Radeon! My Radeon!"...

Since the debut of the AMD Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT cards, it's hard to find a rational reason to buy a Radeon VII. Although the strongest of AMD cards has never been a strictly gaming model, its high production costs and the high popularity of new models have made it plausible to retire the design less than nine months after its launch. If only someone could officially confirm it...

Do I know? Dunno, I might...

The French website Cowcatland was the first to report the end of production and stated that it had received confirmation from a representative of AMD. However, Tom's Hardware, which attempted to verify these allegations, received neither confirmation nor denial from the producer, but only a short reply:

"We expect Radeon VII availability will continue to meet demand for the foreseeable future, delivering exceptional high-end 4K gaming and content creation experiences. You can find Radeon VII graphics cards on"

Shortly afterwards, however, we received further information on the status of the card. This time Matt Bach from Pudget Systems, in a comment under one of the articles admitted that he also had to receive confirmation directly from AMD.

"Radeon VII is 100% EOL, we confirmed that directly with AMD before we started this round of GPU testing. Leftover supply does not mean it is still being manufactured," said Bach.

This is still not an official confirmation from AMD, but it seems very likely that the production of Radeon VII has indeed already ceased. However you look at it, the card was blazing the trail in the world of 7-nanometer lithography and from the very beginning it was addressed to a very small group of recipients.

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