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News video games 23 July 2019, 11:29

author: Adrian Werner

Anthem - New Challenges Announce the Coming of Cataclysm

New challenges have emerged in Anthem as part of The Oncoming Storm. Their debut announces the imminent release of a major update called Cataclysm, for which the fans have been waiting for many months.

Anthem players finally got new challenges.

The online shooter Anthem has received a set of new challenges called The Oncoming Storm. They are a prelude to the upcoming Cataclysm event, which is designed to greatly expand the game content.

The Oncoming Storm consists of three parts, available in freeplay mode. The first challenge requires the destruction of crystals that began to appear in the game world. In the second one we have to complete a set of three events that appear randomly during the game. The last challenge is to kill crystal-covered enemies.

Initially, Catalysm had to have its debut in May, but the creators abandoned Anthem's original development plan to focus on removing the basic problems of the game. Some of the events are already available on the test server, but the full version will be much more extensive, offering, among other things, new story missions.

According to the original roadmap, the start of the cataclysm was to be preceded by two weeks of preparations, during which various changes in the game world would slowly appear. If BioWare is still going to stick to this plan, the event should start in August.

The game was released on February 22 in versions for PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The production met with a cold reception. The PC version of Anthem has an average score of 58% on Metacritic.

The game had a successful debut in financial terms, but quickly began to lose users. Electronic Arts, the publisher of Anthem, recently admitted that it was disappointed with the results of the project. But the company assured us it has no intention of abandoning the game.

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