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News video games 14 August 2019, 23:03

author: Barth Faryna

Apex Legends: Temporary Solo Mode and Expensive Microtransactions

Iron Crown event, and with it temporary solo mode, in which 60 players in the battle royale formula face each other has started in Apex Legends. In addition, the devs have introduced a set of new items to get, including the legendary axe, for which you have to pay a heavy price.

The event included the long-awaited solo mode.

Iron Crown event took off in Apex Legends and introduced something that many players were looking forward to. We are talking about the solo mode, where 60 players face each other in the battle royale formula. No teams, free for all. Unfortunately, Iron Crown will be available only until August 27.

New crown iron packages have been added where players have a 50% chance of an epic item and a 50% chance of a legendary item. The total number of them is 24 - 12 for each rarity tier - so if we get all the epic items, then only legendary items will drop from that point on. Unfortunately, only two boxes can be obtained for free by performing tasks. The rest must be purchased. One iron crow package costs 700 Apex Coins or about $7.

This legendary axe costs almost $160.

Those who manage to unlock a whole set of new items from the event will be able to gain unique content, including the legendary Raven's Bite axe. Unfortunately, even at this stage you still have to reach for your wallet. For the item itself, you have to pay an additional 700 Apex coins, and this is only a cosmetic change of the basic weapon for melee combat. If we add to this the cost of 22 boxes in real currency, which has to be paid earlier, it comes to about 160 dollars for the legendary visual modification.

The players have already expressed their dissatisfaction. They are frightened not only by the complexity of the new package system, but also by the high costs associated with the acquisition of legendary items.