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News video games 22 April 2021, 20:57

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Battlefield 6 With More Players; Battlefield Mobile in 2022

The Battlefield series begins to expand to new platforms. The creators have announced a mobile installment of the shooter series. They also revealed what we can expect in the sixth fully-fledged installment.

  • Oskar Gabrielson from EA DICE revealed that in 2022 we will receive a mobile Battlefield game;
  • He also spoke about the sixth major installment of the series;
  • Battlefield 6 is to allow for battles of larger groups of players and develop environmental destruction mechanics.

It turns out that DICE's popular shooter will be available not only on PC and consoles. Oskar Gabrielson, the studio's CEO, revealed that devs from Industrial Toys are working on a mobile version of Battlefield. They do so with the help of developers who worked on the main game series, namely DICE. According to the plans, the side-scroller is to hit smartphones and tablets in 2022.

Gabrielson revealed that the game is planned as a thoughtful and extensive title. It will not be just a simplified port of the classic Battlefield to a new platform. Instead, the game has been designed directly with a completely different way of playing, which characterizes smartphones and tablets. It is described as a full-fledged title, which is to test the skills of not only casual players. It is currently entering the testing phase, so in the near future, we should receive more information about it.

The players who are not interested in mobile games may be pleased to hear other news. DICE's CEO has also spoken out about Battlefield 6, saying that the team currently working on the game is the largest group of people ever assigned to the series. The combined forces of Criterion Games and DICE's Los Angeles and Gothenburg offices are expected to translate into a game of unprecedented scope.

Unfortunately, it was not revealed in which setting the next part of the game will take place. We know that the devs are still betting on the development of destruction mechanisms and changing battlefield. On the maps we have to fight with more people than in previous installments, which can definitely affect the gameplay. The changes are to be possible thanks to next-gen consoles.

Gabrielson also reminded us that Battlefield 6 is scheduled for release this Holidays. More information about the game is expected soon. According to some rumors, the latest installment of the series will be shown just before the publication of Electronic Arts' financial report - on May 10 or 11.

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