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News video games 17 January 2022, 15:23

Big Patch for Cyberpunk 2077 Inbound; Traces Discovered in Steam Database

Cyberpunk 2077 may soon receive another update - this time a really big one. Fans of CD Projekt RED's game have noticed that for the first time since September its version number in Steam's database has changed.

CD Projekt RED did not spoil fans with updates to Cyberpunk 2077 - the last one, marked 1.31, came out on September 14 last year, and at the end of October the developer announced that we'll have to wait until 2022 for the next one. The middle of January has passed, and all we got was the dismissal of rumors about Samurai Edition, patch 1.5 and the first major expansion. It is possible, however, that the team is preparing another update - and a big one at that.

Three days ago it was noticed that for the first time in four months the game's build ID on Steam has changed - from 7618477 to 8022836. Most likely this means that CD Projekt RED plans releasing a patch in the near future. Taking into account the time that has passed since the previous patch, we can assume that this one will be really big. Perhaps the rumors about version 1.5 weren't exaggerated.

Source: SteamDB.

When would this update debut? Well, it seems that probably not in January. However, February can be considered as a quite probable date. After all, the team announced a version of the game for 9th-gen consoles - PS5 and XSX|S - for the first quarter of 2022. Developers could thus kill two birds with one stone, which seems like a good idea.

There is, of course, also a scenario in which the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 will be released in March or delayed even further. Therefore, it is worth approaching this information with appropriate caution. Nevertheless, there is a tinge of optimism, isn't there? It's worth adding here that, according to dataminers, at least one free DLC will be released along with the patch - it's said to include New Game Plus, as well as additional guns, concerts and (probably) quests (found names are: "mirror" and "monster").

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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