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News video games 23 June 2022, 17:35

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Launches With Significant Glow Up

Today we finally get to play Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. The game has been improved a lot, thanks to which we will be able to run it on many platforms without any problems.

  • Today marks the release of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition;
  • The game is a remaster of the cult adventure game from 1997;
  • The game has undergone a thorough facelift, making it work on modern hardware.

The highly anticipated remaster of the iconic Blade Runner is about to be released. The Enhanced Edition of the game encountered some problems on the way but today it finally reaches the players.

Blade Runner in a refreshed edition

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will debut today on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. On PC you will be able to purchase the game via Steam. In addition, you can purchase a special physical copy of the game on PS4 and Switch, thanks to the actions of the publisher - Limited Run.

The game in the remastered version has undergone a thorough facelift. The frame rate was increased from 15 to 60 fps. The game also supports HD resolution, and all cutscenes have been properly refreshed. We can also play the game with modern controllers.

The visuals of Blade Runner have been enhanced with such functions as anisotropic filtering and SMAA (subpixel morphological antialiasing). You can judge the effects of these changes by watching the video below.

Not only a remaster

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is not the only game using the well-known brand, which we will play. Also 110 Industries is creating a new game in the world created by Philip K. Dick.

Unfortunately, for now we do not know too much about the project. The devs only revealed that the expected release date of the game is 2025.

  1. Nightdive Studios - official website
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

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