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News video games 05 July 2023, 12:32

author: Agnes Adamus

Call of Duty Rules on This Platform, But it's Not PC, PlayStation or Xbox

Statistics released during the FTC vs. Microsoft hearing showed which platforms Call of Duty is most popular on. If you assumed it would be PC, PlayStation or Xbox, you are wrong.

Source: Activision Blizzard.

If one episode of the Sony vs. Microsoft soap opera wasn't enough for you, we got another. During the Activision Blizzard acquisition trial statistics were given on the number of Call of Duty players on individual platforms. It shows that the series is most popular on... mobile devices.

The information in question comes from the hearing of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, which just took place during the FTC vs. Microsoft trial. The data, on the other hand, was later compiled and presented to a wider audience by the editor of TweakTown, Derek Strickland.

  1. In total, the Call of Duty series attracts 70 million users a day. More than half of that number are players of its mobile installment - Call of Duty: Mobile.
  2. It gathers as many as 35.7 million people in front of the screens of smartphones and tablets each day
  3. PCs, on the other hand, ranked second in terms of activity. PlayStation occupies only the third spot.
Call of Duty Rules on This Platform, But its Not PC, PlayStation or Xbox - picture #1
Source: Twitter | Derek Strickland

The journalist also pointed out another interesting fact. Looking at the data on the number of unique users, we see that Call Of Duty has a significant share in gathering people on PlayStation consoles.

  1. In the first quarter of 2023, the series attracted a maximum of 15.69 million players per month.
  2. Data published by Statista suggest that Sony's consoles had 108 million unique users in March 2023 (this coincides with the data published by Derek Strickland).
  3. So this shows that in the early part of this year, roughly 15% of PlayStation users played Call Of Duty at least once.
Call of Duty Rules on This Platform, But its Not PC, PlayStation or Xbox - picture #2
Source: Twitter | Derek Strickland

All this data thus proves that Call Of Duty is doing very well. However, the biggest role in its mighy is played not by console, but mobile gamers.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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