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News video games 21 April 2020, 20:54

Call of Duty (Vietnam) - Jason Schreier About Release Date and Title

The famous journalist Jason Schreier, known for sharing information from behind the scenes, spoke on the new Call of Duty, or more precisely on the latest rumors about the time and setting of the game, its title and release date.

  1. Jason Schreier claims that the action of the new Call of Duty may in fact be set in Vietnam during the Cold War;
  2. Treyarch is preparing a game that will be somehow connected with the Black Ops sub-series, although it is unlikely to be a reboot;
  3. The release of the shooter is planned for this fall, although according to Schreier, it's currently unclear what the future holds.

Earlier today we reported, that this year's installment of the Call of Duty series, developed by Treyarch, will be titled Vietnam. According to these rumors, although the devs will not decide to use the name Black Ops, in practice their work is supposed to be at least a partial reboot of this sub-series. Now Jason Schreier, a famous journalist who often shares information with the players from behind the scenes, has taken the floor.

Is Treyarch preparing for a great return to the war-torn Vietnam?

In one of his tweets, Schreier stated that he believes that the action of the game will actually be set in Vietnam during the Cold War. In another, he admitted that he doesn't think the Treyarch is working on a reboot. In the subsequent Tweets he also made it clear that although he is not a keen fan of the series and does not know the exact details of the plot, he has already heard many times about Call of Duty: Vietnam and, as far as he knows, the game will in fact be part of the Black Ops sub-series or at least be connected to it.

Finally, a word about this year's release of the game. Schreier claims that the game will launch in the autumn. However, the problems that the entire world is currently struggling with may make the developers and the publisher change this date.

  1. Call of Duty - official website

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Christian Pieniazek

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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War