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News video games 01 December 2022, 17:56

Callisto Protocol Ending Leaked; Beware of Spoilers

The preload of The Callisto Protocol has taken off - the game is now available for download for those who pre-ordered it. At the same time, a large leak has surfaced on the web, showing almost the entire game, including the ending.

Those who pre-ordered The Callisto Protocol, as of yesterday evening, can download the game files as part of the preload.

The game takes up the most space on PC - 75 GB. On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles Callisto Protocol consumes about 46 GB, and on PS4 and PS5 about 43 GB.

However, some buyers have apparently gained early access to the game and are enjoying the gameplay a little sooner than others.

Among the players who are already experiencing the cosmic horror, there are also those who have decided to leak the entire gameplay, along with the game's ending.

Spoilers on the horizon

During his Twitch broadcasts, a streamer known as thaiger_gnasher_ showed the public the entire game, which he played through live from start to finish, thus revealing the ending and the final boss.

The pre-release streams also confirmed that the length of the gameplay more or less agrees with the developers' estimates, which claimed that the end credits of The Callisto Protocol will appear after roughly 12-14 hours (via Gamerant).

Nevertheless, there will be more time to spend in the game thanks to the so-called "beta paths", which will be able to extend the gameplay by another few hours.

So if you haven't received your pre-ordered copy of the game yet, we advise you to avoid spoilers. The Callisto Protocol will make its full debut tomorrow, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

A semi-pro musician whose passion began in childhood and lives on to this day. When he was a kid, he thought he would become a rock star (and to this day still has a little hope that this will come true). He played in several bands during his high school and college years, but was not successful with any of them, however, he makes his living in part from music – unfortunately, playing pot-boiler kind of music at weddings. He is studying journalism and took his first steps in radio, but he did not stay there long, preferring to look for something else. He took on various jobs, often completely unrelated to his profession; for several years, he even was a bartender. He came Gamepressure in December 2020 and has been a loyal padawan of the Newsroom ever since, although he also worked with Friendly Fire, where he was in charge of its TikTok.


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