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News video games 03 November 2022, 12:16

author: Jakub Tarchala

CoD Player Visited Activision to Complain About Ban

A wave of unjust bans and overloaded hotline at Activision forced an American gamer to go to the studio's HQ in person. The case has gained publicity, although opinions on the incident are divided.

Premiere of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II should undoubtedly be considered a success. The game instantly became a commerial hit, beating all previous installments of the series. In part, however, behind the high sales figures lies a wave of bans, which forced some players to buy a second copy of the game. One such player decided to act and went to Activision HQ personally.

Frustrated player bounces

The situation was described on Reddit (the original post was removed by the administrator). One American gamer purchased CoD: MW2 on the release day, however, he got banned the same day (the reason was unknown). A day later, he purchased another copy of the game, but this time, too, he was banned from online play without being able to rejoin. The user tried to call the hotline for the next two days without success. Eventually, the man decided to visit the nearby Activision studio in Texas in person.

CoD Player Visited Activision to Complain About Ban - picture #1
Source: Reddit

The visit to the studio ended with the meeting with a security guard. The latter explained to the gamer that for security reasons, unprivileged people are not allowed to talk face-to-face with studio staff. The aggrieved party then asked the security guard to convey his problem to the staff. The guard returned to the player with the information that the studio is struggling with staff shortages and it will take several weeks to resolve the problem of improper bans.

Mixed opinions

In this case the floor on Twitter was taken by Jacob Garcia, Activision's business partner from Aspyr Media.

The issue of security was raised by Caehlin, Corsair's social media manager, as well.

The community's opinion, meanwhile, is divided. Users of Reddit, who were also victims of unjust bans or understand the frustration of losing $140 for a game (two copies at $70 apiece), supported the action of the anonymous player.

"Thank God someone is taking such action. I can't believe that such a large studio doesn't have real customer service. You are my hero!," wrote csrano

Ranked mode and driver update

On another note - in his post on Twitter Treyarch confirmed work on a ranked mode for CoD: Modern Warfare II. It will be a separate gameplay option with a skill rating system. Along with it, a leaderboard and a reward distribution mechanism will be introduced. The release of the ranking mode will take place in 2023.

Nvidia announced also that as of yesterday you can download the latest update of GPU drivers. Version 526.61 introduced a number of fixes for MW2, including addressing the problem with flashing textures, which some players have complained about.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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