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News video games 21 February 2023, 15:20

author: Adam Adamczyk

Company of Heroes 3 - All Factions Described

Company of Heroes 3 will debut on February 23, but we already know a little about the game. In this guide, we take a closer look at all the factions available in CoH 3.

Company of Heroes 3 is the next installment in the iconic series of strategy games, which are valued for, among other things, their highly enjoyable gameplay and sheer scope. The game will debut on February 23, but you can already pre-order it. This guide will give you a little insight into all the factions that will be available at launch in CoH 3.

Company of Heroes 3 – US Forces

US Forces is a faction that fans of the first Company of Heroes are certainly familiar with. It is characterized by highly effective infantry and light combat vehicles, although tanks are also its strong point. US Forces will work great for anyone who appreciates a strongly offensive, even aggressive style of play. Another advantage of this nation is the ability to use half-tracks armed with 75mm cannons, which are great for anti-tank support.

What are the characteristics of US Forces in CoH 3?

US is worth choosing if only because of the best infantry, whose mainstay is the rifleman. Unfortunately, the weak point is the anti-tank guns available at the beginning.

Company of Heroes 3 – British Forces

British Forces is a faction, which, due to its simple technological development and accessibility of service, is worth recommending to new players and those returning to Company of Heroes after a long break.. One of the biggest advantages of British Forces is the ability to use allied support, so you can call on weapons, combat vehicles and infantry from almost all over the world.

What are the characteristics of British Forces in CoH 3?

Capabilities within doctrines are a strong point of this faction. It is worth to mention especially Gurkha Rifles Section. In addition, the British infantry is extremely effective in battle if they gain enough experience. This nation also has access to the Churchill heavy tank, which is invaluable on the battlefield.

Company of Heroes 3 – Wehrmacht

Company of Heroes 3 - All Factions Described - picture #1

The Wehrmacht is somewhat the opposite of the US Forces. This faction is characterized by very strong defensive and can be recommended to more experienced players who are looking for a challenge. By investing in structure development, you can enrich your army with units such as StuG, Panzer IV or Wirbelwind.

What are the characteristics of the Wehrmacht in CoH 3?

This faction has access to great machine guns, which work well to keep enemy in check. On the plus side, there are also good anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, although this equipment is quite vulnerable so you often have to replenish the killed personnel with regular infantry troops.

Company of Heroes 3 – Deutsches Afrikakorps

This faction is a treat for all those for whom Company of Heroes is all about combat vehicles. Both light artillery and powerful tanks can be found here. Deutsches Afrikakorps has another strong point, which is the ability to call for support from its many battle groups. This enables your army to gain more combat vehicles, infantry such as the Italian Bersaglieri and Guastatori, or artillery.

What are the characteristics of the Deutsches Afrikakorps in CoH 3?

The great advantage of this faction is access to the Tiger heavy tank. No doctrine is needed to use it. It requires 900 manpower. What is more tanks requested as a doctrine support are summoned from off the map and require no fuel, which is a big plus. You also can’t forget about the Flak 88 anti-tank/anti-aircraft gun. It is a counterbalance to weaknesses in armored weapons.

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3

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