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News video games 21 November 2022, 13:00

author: Adrian Werner

Company of Heroes 3 Coming to Consoles, But Not All

Thanks to the Taiwanese age rating agency, we have learned that Company of Heroes 3 will most likely get a console port.

All signs point to the fact that console versions are in the plans for Company of Heroes 3, the next installment of the popular World War 2 RTS series.

  1. The database of the Taiwanese age rating agency added ratings for Company of Heroes 3 versios intended for Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 consoles.
  2. Officially, the series' publisher, Sega, has only announced a PC edition, but rating agencies are a good source of information about unconfirmed projects and are rarely wrong.
  3. We expect the announcement of console editions to be only a matter of time.
Company of Heroes 3 Coming to Consoles, But Not All - picture #1
Source photo Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee.

Choosing only the Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 as platforms for the console version of the game would make sense. Company of Heroes 3 has relatively high system requirements and it would be difficult to ensure adequate port quality on Nintendo Switch or older Microsoft and Sony platforms.

Recall that the release of Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled for February 23, 2023.

  1. Company of Heroes 3 - official website

Waiting for Company of Heroes 3, it is worth checking out mods for COH: Opposing Fronts.

While waiting for the release COH3 we can enjoy fan modifications to previous installments. In this regard, the most popular installment of the brand remains Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Of the big mods for this game we recommend:

  1. Battle of the Bulge - lets you play out battles in Belgium and Luxembourg during the winter period from December 1944 to January 1945.
  2. Battle of Crete - recreates the eponymous Battle of Crete, a clash that took place between May 20 and June 1, 1941.
  3. Europe At War - a large mod that offers a heavily improved destruction system and many additional units and vehicles. It also introduces a ton of new maps in Africa, Italy, Normandy and the Netherlands.
  4. Far East War - recreates the conflict between Chinese and Japanese forces between 1937 and 1945.
  5. The Great War 1918 - project moves the game's action to the reality of World War I.
Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3

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