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News video games 28 August 2020, 13:55

author: Adrian Werner

Cradle of Humanity is the Second Expansion for X4: Foundations

Egosoft has announced Cradle of Humanity, the second expansion for the space simulation X4: Foundations. The expansion will offer new locations, missions and factions.

  1. Launch at the end of the year,
  2. New sectors and story missions,
  3. Two additional factions,
  4. New variants of career beginning.

The first day of the virtual edition of gamescom brought the announcement of X4: Cradle of Humanity, an expansion for the space simulation X4: Foundations. It's supposed to be a non-standlone expansion, and therefore requires the base game. The launch will take place at the end of this year. The devs at Egosoft showed the first trailer and shared over six minutes of gameplay footage.

Cradle of Humanity will significantly expand the space available to players, offering a wide range of new sectors. It will also introduce a large set of fresh story missions. Two factions present in the game will be joined by the two factions belonging to so-called Terrans, coming from the Solar System. Each of them has its own economy, ships, space stations and unique weapons.

The expansion will also introduce additional options for starting the game, which will familiarize us with the history, culture and politics of the new factions, as well as offer an opportunity to look at the events of X4: Foundations from a different perspective.

Thanks to the expansion, we will also find out what has been happening in the Solar System across the decades since the gate allowing for hyperspace travel was closed. Moreover, the creators promise that the well-known fraction of star pirates will return in dramatic circumstances.

Together with the launch of the add-on, update 4.0 for X4: Foundations will be released. This will give players free visual upgrades such as the addition of volumetric fog effect. In addition, the patch will introduce an option to terraform planets.

  1. X4: Foundations - official website
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