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News video games 03 August 2021, 17:18

author: Qskan

Player Provided Solution to a Critical CS:GO Bug; Valve Keeps Ignoring It

A Reddit user has found a way to fix a bug in CS:GO that causes poor accuracy when crouching. The forum user decided to publish a post every week to finally bring the issue to Valve's attention.

  1. Reddit users have found potential solution to a bug that has been plaguing CS:GO for years;
  2. The solution was presented several months ago and still has not been implemented;
  3. Player Zoddom decided to bring up the bug on a weekly basis in protest, waiting for Valve to finally do something about it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, despite its massive popularity and huge esports scene, remains a buggy game in many places. The game, which supposedly is currently being developed by a small team, contains bugs that were said to be old several years ago. An example of such a "oldboy" is the issue about which we wrote on the pages of our website half a year ago - the glitch reducing accuracy while crouching.. As it turns out, Reddit user Zoddom, along with other Internet users, found a potential solution to this problem. However, this happened a few months ago, and Valve still remains deaf. So the player decided to remind about the possibility of getting rid of the bug once a week.

As a reminder - the bug consists in a rapid decrease in accuracy at the moment when the player switches from walking to crouching position. The first bullets in such a case will never hit the target, and the player may not get a second chance to land an accurate shot. The bug was presented to the wider public by Reddit user Birkir, and a little later user Zoddom summarized potential solutions in his video. In a nutshell - at the moment of switching from walking to crouching mode, the game perceives this state as if the player was on the run, during which accuracy also decreases dramatically. One of the proposed solutions is to base aiming on the player's movement speed instead of their "position mode" (walking/running/standing/ducking/jumping).

However good and effective these ideas may be, Valve still seems to live in blissful ignorance of a bug that was referred to as old four years ago. Perhaps the developers believe that "it's not a bug, it's a feature", but Zoddom seems determined to do something about it, and that's why he continues to remind us of the bug in the forum on a weekly basis. From here, we wish him patience. He's going to need it, knowing Valve.

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