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News video games 10 December 2018, 13:55

author: Aquma

CS:GO takes flak on Steam after the switch to F2P

A large part of the community is not happy with CS:GO's transition to the free-to-play model. In just one day, the title "gained" 14,000 negative comments on Steam.

CS:GO takes flak on Steam after the switch to F2P - picture #1
The game finally allows you to play multiplayer for free.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive found itself under fire after switching to F2P. In just one day (December 7) the production received over 14 thousand negative comments on Steam. Players are afraid of a wave of cheaters, the number of which may now increase dramatically. Some are also unhappy that they spent money on a game that everyone can now download for free of charge - in their opinion, compensation in the form of Prime status is not enough.

Free to play: I tell you that there will be a plague of cheaters and small children annoyed by how little they participate in the game, reads a review by KrindziVG.

This game has now become a habitat for people who play on forbidden modifications (haxes). You can't play normally, e.g. with a friend who couldn't afford the Prime version..., complains user _DiAboLluS_.

The changes introduced in the matchmaking system for Prime players are also problematic. Previously, they could only play with people who added a confirmed phone number to their account and reached the rank of 21. (thanks to this it was possible to avoid many problems with cheaters). Nowadays, the status is granted to all those who have paid for the game, so the old solution no longer fulfills its role.

CS:GO takes flak on Steam after the switch to F2P - picture #2
Danger Zone mode is the biggest novelty in the latest CS:GO update.

It's worth noting that not all the reviews added in recent days are negative. Many players compliment the change, as well as the battle royale mode Danger Zone. However, there are less positive comments than complaints – on December 7th there were a little over 7000 of them. Unfortunately, a quick look at the number of blue thumb ups may not be showing the full picture, because many people recommend the game, but at the same time they criticize it and predict its imminent end (a few examples below).

Why is this game free to play? It should be paid, because now there will be a wave of 8-year-old children and cheaters, notes user

While the introduction of the new mode is ideal, the second change is a knee shot. If that doesn't change, I give this game a maximum of one month's life, starting today. From now on, the cheater getting a ban doesn't lose anything, just 10 minutes to create a new account, and then the cycle starts from scratch. It seems like a joke from Valve, but one that isn't so funny, points out Johnny.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive debuted in August 2012. The move to the F2P model was announced on December 6, during The Game Awards 2018. The decision allowed for a significant increase in the number of players playing at the same time - thanks to data from SteamCharts we know that in the last 24 hours the game has reached a long unseen level of 733 thousand concurrent players.

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