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News video games 20 April 2021, 12:01

author: Bart Swiatek

Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Recreate Quests and V From E3

Several mods available on Nexus Mods restore content that was cut from the final version of Cyberpunk 2077 - we're talking about quests, clothes or models of famous characters from the universe.


  1. Cut Gigs Save Game mod enables us to play through several missions removed from the final version of Cyberpunk 2077;
  2. Subsequent modifications will recreate the cut out clothes and even character models which are nowhere to be found in CD Projekt RED's game as we know it.

Modders working on Cyberpunk 2077 continue to add new things to CD Projekt RED's game and restore elements that were cut out by the developers. A good example is the Cut Gigs Save Game mod, which enables us to play the four quests removed from the final version of the game (we don't have to enter any commands - it's a save game mod, which simply means that we load a game state on our computer). It should be noted that in some cases it is clearly unfinished content - we have to reckon with glitches and problems.

Also interesting is the mod that restores the original clothing of female V, which we could admire on the memorable gameplay from E3 2018. The modder known as Spookie recreated the Samurai jacket seen in the same material (it looks a little different from the one that eventually made it to the game). In turn, user almico attempted to recreate the appearance of male V from the same presentation (previously a similar mod was also created for the female variant).

On Nexus Mods we can also find the Ghosts of Night City mod, which enables us to see models of several important characters from the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. The list includes Garven Haakensen (in Cyberpunk 2020 he was the deputy mayor of Night City - in CP2077 he was supposed to take part in one of the tasks associated with River Ward, but it looks like he was cut out or replaced by another character), and Morgan Blackhand (the legendary solo belonging to the system's creator, Mike Pondsmith).

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