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News video games 08 April 2021, 14:02

author: Szarmancki

Players Explore Cyberpunk 2077's Unused Locations, CD Projekt Comments [UPDATED]

Cyberpunk 2077 community is not idle, and thanks to a no-clip mod they managed to find unused locations from the game. The team from CD Projekt RED commented on the discovery of one of the players.


CD Projekt RED contacted us with a request to correct the following message and inform that the developers have not had any discussions with regarding the unused locations and content from Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED team's statements quoted by the above website are either outright false or based on old comments by the developer.

Original message


  1. A player using the FreeFly mod discovered several locations that were cut from the game;
  2. These included areas such as the basement of the block of flats inhabited by V, subway stations and many nooks and crannies of the Pacifica district;
  3. contacted CD Projekt RED, asking about the cut content.

It's been a few months since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, and yet some of Night City's secrets remain to be found: from easter eggs to remnants of cut or unfinished content. The latter was taken care of by several players who, using a no-clip mod, explored the interiors of previously inaccessible buildings. Reddit user TheRealMZK found some interesting places on the city map, which turned out to be virtually finished, have loot and even working vending machines and NPCs. MZK decided to report his discovery online. What's more, asked representatives of CD Projekt RED about the discovery, and they in turn agreed to answer questions about the "removed" content.

The author of the post published as many as 16 descriptions of locations which are not available from the city streets, but only through the mod. Among them there are a few really interesting items, such as a fully "furnished" basement in the building inhabited by the protagonist: it has several working vending machines, NPCs roam the room, and you can even find loot in the corners. MZK also pointed out an elevator that we could use to get to the aforementioned location, but it's disabled and we have to use mods to get it working.

He also revealed several NCART train stations ready for use, and even plenty of blocked off nooks and crannies in the Pacifica district, such as fully modeled roads, storefronts, carefully designed streets, and even the entire lower floor of the mall we visit in the main storyline.

But what are these locations? Are they hastily cut out areas or fragments of upcoming expansions? decided to contact the devs at CD Projekt RED and ask about the details. The devs of Cyberpunk answered, but their words rather did not delight those who hoped for the content to be from future DLCs.

The team admits that the locations are unrelated to the game's expansions, and the almost functional areas hidden throughout the city are just places that didn't satisfy the devs and they decided to cut them from the game, or rather cut them off from the rest of the content, as they are still in the title and can be found. This is because physically removing unwanted content could damage the already delicate structure of the game and do more harm than good.

The developers also add that a lot of rooms weren't even completed, so they were forced to lock them down. Therefore, a lot of rooms are leftovers rather than actual content cut from the game. But interestingly enough, they admit that in the future some of these places might actually be completed and introduced into Cyberpunk 2077.

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